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Hi.This is Agogye from Aff, am just sending you a very short mail to know if i have the right address , i have attached a picture of me let me know if i have the right address and get back to me and will mail you telling more of me, hugs
Nice hearing from you, how are you doing and how was your day,i hope you had a very good day and everything is well with you.I had your address and have to send you a mail to know if i have the right address.Thanks so much for sending me a mail back,Am doing very well today and had a very good day.I will tell you about me but am going to be brief and if you think am what you need then am sure you can mail me back and i know that we will have a very good time getting to know each other very well.
First of all i would like to thank you so much for sending me a mail with your id and would like to tell you that am new on the internet and new also on the dating site as well ,as a friend of mine met her husband here and as am writing to you now they are married and now living in the state, she was the one who introduce me to the dating site.I have read your profile very well and reading it i see you to be very interesting and see you that you are online really serious about your words and you are looking for a woman who is ready to settle down with you as that is what am also looking for.Looking for a man who is ready to love and not on the intertent for games as am a one man woman and very honest and sincere and very transparent as well.I also think that age is just a number and am not worried about the age barriers, beside, am looking for a man who is going to make me very happy and have trust in me and also love me best.
Am felicity Boakye and am from a mixed race my mother from the western part of africa that is Togo whiles my dad is from the asia part, from india.Am from a family of two me been the youngest whiles my senior sister is married and living with her husband.Am having one daughter called annable and she is living with me and we sleep in the same room.I live with my mother in a two bedroom apartment and currently single as i lost my daughter s father through a mining comapany he was working in south africa, since then i have been single for the past two years now and this is about time i focus on my life and settle down.
I schooled in the state for almost two years as that was where i came across the dating site and since the after completion of my studies in the state i have to return back home because my documents that is my visa and passport has expired and can no longer live in the state because if i live in the state and am been arrested i will be jailed or deported and can no longer travel so have to return back home to togo and now as am writing to you now am living in togo and working in a community hospital.I see that when it comes to the matter of the heart distance is not a problem as what am looking for is a very honest and trustworthy relationship, looking for a man who will trust me for whom i am also talk to me on the phone with him and get to know him very well.
I have been in Togo for the past one year and a half now and have been very single and have not dated the men here in the country just because they are very lazy and do not like working and also beat women a lot, so i said to my self am not ever going to cheapen my self for them but rather focus on my life and make sure i have a very trust and honest man who is going to love me.I was not rasied by my mother and i have lived in india before but have to come back to togo because my dad and mom are no longer marrying and he also did not cater for me.I will send this off for now and will be looking forward to read from you again and want to assure you that i will really will make you very happy as am honest, very sincere,down to earth,trusthful,understanding,very calm,obedient and knows how to respect a man and do not insult a man.I will be delighed hearing from you , telling me if you are single, what brought you on the dating site.
Looking forward to read from you have a very good day.Cheers. felicity
Oh you really made my day as i have been thinking about you and looking forward to read from you and know if you have understood where i come from
so we can go on smoothly.Am glad to read from you and i want you to know that, you mail has really touched me so much and am ready to start
something so nice and perfect with you.How are you doing and how has your day been,I hope you are doing very well and am sure you are looking
forward to read from you.Am also doing very well and had a very good day went to church with my daughter and i can tell you boldly that i pray for
you and i always go to church so i can pray for my life and for my future.
I have read your mail so much and in fact i want to tell you that i read it over and over beacuse you really wrote it from your heart and i have seen that
you have a very kind heart and also you are a serious man who is on the internet looking for somthing very good and perfect.Yes i also see we are going
the same way and i know that if we do keep on going like this i know that we will build a very strong and perfect relationship and we will meet to have
a very happy life and happy time.
Meanwhile, i think i would have to thank you so much for been bold to tell me how many women you have dated in the world and i really understand
you because you were looking for the woman who is going to fit in your shoes but it seems you did not had one so i know that was the reason you have
dated 5 woman.For me i have dated just two men in my life as my first man that i was living with his family did not wanted him to get married to an
african indian so we have to quit dating so i can look else where whiles he also looks elsewhere,My second man whom i dated that he been my daughter s
father i lost him and since then i have been very single and think now is the right time i come to the internet to look for a man who is going to love me ,
respect me, and treat me like a queen so i will also love him respect him and treat hime like a real king of my heart but reading your mail so far , i feel in
me you are the right man that i should be living with and i have accepted you in my life so i know that after we have gotten to know each other we can
talk on the phone so we will plan about meeting if that is going to be ok and good for you.
Am so much happy as to the way you do not smoke,drink,nor gamble and you dislike doing things as i also do not smoke , drink and also do not like
gamble and am a very quite girl who is very understanding and loves going to church as you know as a woman you need to be very prayerful so you can
support your man with prayers in whatever he do or does.Meawnhile, i want you to know that am not worried about where you are living as all what
am looking for is me and you having a very happy life and living to be so loved in happiness and i know if we do understand each other and respect each
other i know that we will live forever and i know you are very calm,humble and respectful.Also, am one man woman and am not a cheat and i hate to
tell liars, i was born in a christian home so i do belive in the biblie and do believe in the world of God so i always want to make my man very happy so he
will know am always the right lady for him.
Am ready to have child with the right man whom am going to met and since you said you are looking for babies, i would like to tell you that after we
have gotten to know each other and we get together am ready to have so many babies that you know i know am going to give you a very sweet and
pretty babies.Well, as you know there is a saying which goes that a woman will marry and go and live with her husband so am ready to moved to
germany and live with you but for now , i have to discuss with my mom and am going to let you know as she is my motehr and everything that comes
up in my life she has to know, but am urging you to be very relaxed and i know that things are really going to go on well with you and me.
Am delighted to read from you and you are a very great man and sweet man as well.I will send this for now and will be looking forward to read from you
and know that am thinking about you and having you in my mind and you will be in my mind as well.I hope this is not going to stop as we will not
stop mailing each other till we meet.Untill i read from you again,I bid you a very good and awesome sleep have a good Night.
Welcome , i hope you had a very good day and i was looking forward to read from you all day but after reading your mail i understand you said you had to leave home very early and get to work.Am doing very well and have been thinking about you and was missing you mail so much.Am looking fit as a fiddle had a vcery good day and things are well with me and home now.You have been so sweet with your words and nice with me so much and i hope that things are really goingto gte on well after meeting each other.
I had a very good day and have thinking about you and my daughter is doing very well as well as my mom is also doing very well.Today the weather was very hot in togo here and in fact i really did not like it at all but am hoping it rains by the end of the week.I was a little be worried when you could not mail me ontime but you sending me a mail tonight telling me that if you did not mail me ontime i should not worry because you have to go to work. I understand.
Well, i think all the mails that i have sent to you so far i thought you know where i live and where am styaing as i mentioned the country to you but is like am no more in the state and living in my country which is not popular, is under developed country.Am living in togo and is in the western part of africa, i think you have not heard about that before.
I will not write much tonight as i want you to get back to me and know that am thinking about you and have you in mind and in heart.Good night.