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This Esther how are you doing
Am from Aff as allnew1112
Thanks for your message..And this mail really tells alot about yourself..You really sounds great..And also i will want you to know that ages are just numbers..Love always matters about the heart..I will be willing to tell you more about me.My father is from USA and mother is from South Africa..My father was working as a Gold miner.So he travel to many countries...My father was going to Ghana to make a mining project...Since he will keep long time there..My mother and I go with him.Unfortunately my parent are dead by car accident in Ghana...So after their death,i lived with some woman who was caring,and many other good.But now am grown up person,30 years of age..I care for my self.Also living in my own room.I live alone.And am looking for my soul mate

I m seeking a soul mate to share life s great adventures. I enjoy most anything that can be shared, so that could be ..... holding hands in the park, cooking a dinner together at home, watching an outdoor sporting event, listening to a memorable musical concert, sharing an exotic vacation ..... whatever our hearts desire. Life really is short and I want to look back and feel I have smelled all the "roses" together with a special partner, and lover.

I have an outgoing attitude, am positive-minded in nature and spontaneous towards new experiences. I like to laugh and have been described as having a good sense of humor. I enjoy the outdoors, have a wide variety of interests and am an inquisitive soul who loves learning about new places, people and things. Love traveling for the many memories created.,

I am a sincere, loving, kind, affectionate and dependable person. Forthright and honest, I value integrity - a sense of fairness. One has to be able to look in the mirror and be comfortable with the values and character they show to the world

What I am looking for is friendship and ultimately, love ..... we can talk, laugh and play together. That magical chemistry ..... we connect on all levels. We respect, trust, care and genuinely value each other .... independently and together..Kindness, gentleness, understanding, fidelity, truthfulness, togetherness, independence. If two people lean on each other. They will fall apart..They both need to be able to stand alone, only then can they stand together

Someone who is honest and up front a one man to one woman and someone who will let me be his one and only..
I want someone that isn t afraid to show affection..whether it be in public or private..someone that I can talk with about anything and someone that can make me laugh for starters..I want someone warm, Caring and trusting. One that we both can have a lot of admiration for one another and lots of fun and love and understanding

Someone to love and who loves me, honesty, integrity, maturity, shared interests, being there for the other person..And i also dont smoke or drink..Its always In my dreams that I will find the right man for my Heart and I have much hopes for that...Since you know that most Dreams comes goals and dreams to to have a relationship with someone and marriage and spend the second phase of my life with my partner,were we could for fill our dreams and goals together

I like most music,the usual soaps period dramas and romantic /comedy films I do not like horror but will watch any. I love animal programmers like meerkat manor to watch wildlife is fascinating..I love Rod Stewart have done since I was 17 and my favorite song is have I told you lately that I love you...I also like music, R&B rock and roll, ballads, jazz, classical, opera, almost everything as long as it is no disco or hard rock or heavy metal

DILIKES:I hate lies, I hate dirty people , i hate men that cheat on their love ones ,I also dont like greediness becuase i believe in giving and its only when u give u will take its a natural law of creation..................LIKES:I like honest people, I like being down to earth, I love beign truthful in all my deeds ,speech etc My dear, I think I have been able to give u in details all u need to know about me and would love to read same in reciprocity to ensure a suitable ground for a start of this relationship

I hope to hear from you Soon

Love Always Esther
am even surprise at this not sure you will understand me...this happen unexpertable thats why i did that..i hope you will forgive i do have some pictures of myself.just that i dont have them on the computer..and it was one of my friend s idear for making use thesse even really was not my idea..reply back so we can contineun but how did you know that this girl is a porn star..have you been wth her before?
Thanks for understand and here is my pictures..Hope you will like them,...You seems to be my kind of man...And wish we could get along..and be together ...Because if my life i have been looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with..hope to hear from you soon
Am so happy to hear from you again...And i will promise to be honest with you forever and i will never disappoint you..I just hope you like my pictures..So we can have a good relationship ..and you can ask me anything you want to know about me..Hope everything is okay with want you to know that am so happy to hear from you ..

Hope to hear from you soon