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Hello Sweetie,

Thanks for your email My name is Brittany as I said., I am 26 years old, I am single and I don’t have kids yet. My parents are still married and they live together. I grew up in Darwin, in Australia. I moved to Germany from Australia 2years ago on business, but after i finished the business, i decided to stay because i liked it and it is very beautiful also. I don t have a boyfriend now and I am looking for a honest, caring, loving, someone with a good heart, someone I can really trust and confide in, someone who is family oriented and someone who wants to hang out with me?

Right now, I am in Leeds, England on a business trip and I will tell you more about why am in England in my next email to you. I have been in England for 2 weeks now, I will be flying back by next week once i finish my business here, if you would like to meet, I will be glad to meet u in person. I love to have sex and my favorite position is doggy. But sex shouldn t be the only important and I will not have sex with someone i don t have feelings for. I will like to know more about you. What s your name? Where do you live? What do you do for a living? What are you looking for in a woman? Are you married and do you have kids? I will look forward to hear from you soon so we can talk more.

Hi Janiek Sweetie,

How are you doing today? When i get back, I would like to meet you. I receive many emails from this site but they are not what I am looking for in a man, all they want is sex only, but I am looking for a good friendship and then passionate love. So i ignore all of them except you. I hope we will be able to build a very strong friendship, based on honesty, respect, trust and love. I am new to online dating. I was hurt by my previous boyfriend about 2 months ago. He is a very bad man, I have forgotten about him and am ready to move on with my life now, that s why am looking for a friend online. I am sure we will get to know each other more when we meet in person. Thanks for answering my questions. Its really nice learning more about you. I like everything you have said about yourself, and you sound like a very interesting and nice person. I would really love to meet you, spend time with you, get to know each other and have memorable times together. Can i trust and confide in you?

More about me: I am the only child of my parents. I am an Artist, I am into Oil Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures and Artworks, I have been an Artist since I was a kid, I use to draw when I was a kid. I have a great passion for Arts, I love what I do, I enjoy doing what I do and I am very talented. About the business trip I was going to tell you about. I flew to England to work on a big Sculpture and Paintings contract I received from my USA clients. I will be getting a very big pay check from this work. I am planning to fly back when I finish my work and then receive and cash my pay check, so i can relax and have some fun with my reward. I already have my flight, I just need to confirm it when i finish my work here, hopefully next week or this week i will be back. Then we can meet and have a lot of fun and spend time together. Wouldn’t that be great? I will love us to have a date together, and then we can see if we are good for each other or not. What do you think?

In addition to this, I would like a man who loves holding hands, cuddling, hugging, kissing, and must be good in love making, I like sex as in pure and passionate sex, I love to give my partner quality time when we are in bed together. I will be looking forward to read from you again and I will be looking forward to meet you soon.Yes you can pick me up.. Hope to hear from you shortly.


P.S You can find more about me and my works here