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Can we chat on yahoo messenger Hein?
Write something down about my self and something about my background.
First I was very surprised that you had found me many thanks for that and I really hope that we get a realrelationship with everything on it. A good relationship is build on trust, taking care of each other, happiness,sex, helping each other and a lot of other things. I’m searching for a partner like you for the rest of my life a partner who once start a family and give the kids everything like love and a lot other nice things.
I m looking for a friendship that has potential to possibly develop into a relationship. I d like to find someone i can sit down and have an intelligent conversation with as well as have a good time and laugh, or maybe even just sit and cuddle in silence. I m looking for someone with similar qualities and that is spontaneous and romantic. I d like to find someone that truly enjoys and looks forward to spending time together, but that also understands that time alone or with friends can be needed sometimes too. Someone who can be someone to be there as a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to when I need to, or someone to just hold me if I had a bad day would all be things that I would like in a partner. tell me more about yourself and your back ground and send me more pics of you.
Tell me more about yourself .. I really want to know more about you...
Am so happy to got your e-mail ,,,,,,,, first is an opportunity to get to know one another,yes i will be so happy to chat with you that way we can get closer to know each other more better.
My friends do describe as an easy going and laid back funny woman with a liking for the simple things in life. I enjoy great company and sometimes take a walk to admire the beauty of life. swimming and golf as a way to exercise sometimes.
I am a very open minded person and I like to laugh as well as make fun with friends.
I`m honest and hard working.I would describe myself as a genuine, caring, honest, and out going person, who has a good sense of humor, and affectionate nature. Who is a good listener and enjoys conversation. I am also generally uncomplicated.
I have a great job working,am self emlpoyed and deal with textile material which involved in cotton silk, this makes me travel alot right now am on business trip in Nigeria to buy some textile material and i we ship them back home.I love travel but it gets bored lately doing the trips all alone but what i think now i need is a man i am so happy that finally i have you and i am talking to you now.
My tastes in music is varied but prefer the 70`s.I love musicals, plays, ballet performances, and going to the rare opera showing here in town and my choice of film is more likely to be a thriller or a true story than a romance. Holiday choices are visiting places of interest.
Its not very easy talking about myself but am surprise that am doing just well with telling you about me maybe you just bring me out so easily which is an admirable quality that you have got.
I am affectionate and enjoy the feeling of being close to someone special. My enjoyments, among many, include, eating out, days out, weekends away.
I enjoy staying home and I enjoy going out equally. I am very well balanced in everything I do but sure not a perfectionist although i would be complete with that special half of me
My idea man is not characterized by the outer look but the beauty on the inside. I like a man that is cool and fun to be with and easy going if you are then all i have is now in you. I am a good listener so a good listener would be a great pair.I prefer someone that is open and honest. I appreciate honesty and being nice goes a long way with me
I love it here...except for the weather! It seems like every five minutes, the weather changes! When the weather`s nice, I like to take walks around the neighborhood or even go to a park.The weather is a perfect analogy not only to life, but the journey of moving from one age to the next. Tell me all about yourself and your background
What the hell do you mean by that hun? Pls stop this trash Hein...