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Hello my dear,
i will very delighted to acquaintance to you and i hope our relation will develop in due to course. I wish to learn you better and i want that to begin with you for a steel the best friends. I am now lonely and for that matter i am using this opportunity to seek that special man who is very loving, caring, optimist, passionate, honest and very responsible to share my love with. I will be very glad if we are interested in it also, we will build trust and get to know more of each other and see what will happen next. Now, i wish to tell you little about myself and also i will wait for your letter, your photo and your history of life.
I am from USA in a city under named GORGIA, my city not such big, here it is more than woman than men. I am the girl with common sense of harm our. I was born inGORGIA where i passed my life, i more times search of getting my love, but not that i can t find that person i could grow fond but, with whom i could carry out the life with, with whom i could create family with and leave happy in life. But i have not found anyone yet. I have decided to try and search for my love on the internet. I shall tell you about my self. I was born on the 25/5/1982 and i am now 28 years of age. I am very fair in complexion, i do have Grey eyes, my height about 177 inch, i do not have harmful habit, i do not smoke, i never drink also, i did not try drugs as i know that all this are harmful for health. I care of myself and about my health, i go in for sport in the morning 1/2/3 times a week, i want and i am engaged in fitness to sport the figure.I have not marry before with no kids,]. i live with my parent when i am in theUSA, but now i reside in Ghana since i lost my father an my mum. I have only one brother, we are only 2 children of my parent. my parent grew very strictly on us and gave us good education and have learned me to much in life. i am always obedient, i always like to study and never shrink employment at school.I was very diligent and i like to study as i knew that, it will be necessary in the future. Especially, i love history, algebra,chemistry, biology and English language. i very much liked to study and learn unknown to me.i even remained on additional employment to study well.
. What your preferences in music? literature?. you love kitchen? what your values in life? i think that our purpose are identical in this life and i will like to know more about your private life as much as possible.A i shall be very glad to share all what i have me if possible. I think that you will be very happy to learn about me and i shall be delighted to learn about you. i am going to finish my letter and i shall wait very much for your letter. Write to me all what you want to tell about your self and what you want to divide with me, i shall be very glad to receive your letter. i am looking forward to hear from nobody else but you my friend.
Your friend Mary Yankson
I hope to hear from u soon thank you
Hello am here and what happen is there somthing wrong am here waiting to hear from u again
Oh sorry i think i had a problem here dear and i want to ask u can u create yahoo messenger so that i will add u and we all chat there to get to know each other and also we show cam to cam sorry i hope to hear from u soo
am so sorry and i want u to send me the pic back and see it well cos am using my freind pic here and i dont know why i mad that mistake am sorry dear and i wil be here waiting for u to send me back and check it okay