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Hello my dear this me ACHIAA from AFF i am looking forward to chat with you so you can mail me with your pics then i sent you my too.kiss
Hello my dear thank you very for hearing you back i am so so happy but my dear i am also never married and i will be your lady to have your kids.and i will make you very happy .i am a hairdresser that is my work i am without kids and i hope that since that you have found me we will be together and have our kids.the most reason why i wanted to chat you is that i will like to make you enjoy and make love to you so at your leisure time you do let have chat.also how will i get to you in Germany when so if you are alone there i will like to be with you make you happy.please can you download your pics so that i can see you well.kiss
Hello my dear nice that to hear from you.Dear that motive of my mind to be with you there is that you are alone and if you do really want me to be with i am ready for you there now so what we must do is get me the passport dear then after you get me the invitation to the embassy.Also when i am with you there i hope to make you my dear do get me the passport first.i hope to hear from you soon my dear.kiss
Hello my are you doing tonight i was in the city to this afternoon at the migration office to asked for the cost of the passport my love.the prize cost for 70erous my love so when you send the money my love i will immediately take to the migration for they told it will take for exactly two weeks to get my love you take this details to send the money.

name..theresah achiaa

country..Ghana west africa

city berekum brong ahafo

my love that is the details you send through western union and i will go receive soon and be at the office.hope to hear from you soon.your lady
theresah .kiss your nice cock
Good morning my love i just woke up from bed,i came in late yesterday because i went to the city at the migration office to discovered the passport.i sent you a message last night.i hope that you are doing so good and i am much thinking about you here.i couldn t have enough sleep you were in mind and your photos with me on love so you send the money and i will take to office immediately for the phone number my love you call me,00233242578559.i hope to get the money soon you send the detail to my mail.kiss

your wife theresah
hello my dear i did not receive the money why?the banks said the money control number not correct can you have the number again i am looking forward to hear from you my love.kiss