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Thanks for your mail back about your situation and life you are being
through over in Germany,It have been very pity and sorrow here for me
living single all over ...This is what i have always also have been
seeking for and still on seeking till now but i was very busy with my
studies and helping handed for my mum in the house more times that is
why it have been very lately days for me to get online to reply you so
soon ...sorry but i think it will be very much better if we get to
schedule the actually time we can be able to meet online together so
we get to know more about each other and see where it leads us both
through ...I have 10:31am my time morning here now and will likely
love to know what time you do get online so we try and meet to chat
more or also we can be able to share our cell phone numbers through on
here so we can be able to exchange text massages or try to call each
other as well through anytime to know more about each other ...Just
take care of yourself and have a precious day there ..Kisses ..
Caroline xxx
Hello my dear ,Good evening how are you doing ..Hoping all is well ..I
miss chatting with you very much ..I have tried your phone numbers all
over but don t get any responds and also tried to text you massages
but dont get any back text ...I never know what is wrong..May be you
having wrong numbers to your cell phone lines ..but i will like to
know the actually time you will be able to get online for me which we
try and chat to know more about each other as well ..Thanks once again
as i am looking forward to hear back from you ...Nice photos you have