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Hi Lena,
Thank you for your reply and I would love to see some pics of you.
I will be honest and up front with you! I am looking for a foreign woman to come to the US on her own to marry me and start a family in my home. I am very passionate, loving, caring, generous, humble, God fearing, and funny but I am not desperate so please don t think I can t get American women. I just prefer the way that foreign women treat their men and they are far more loyal. As you can see I am not ugly, fat, or stupid. I don t want to go back and forth with emails for weeks because anyone can write anything they want and the other person will never know what is true and what is a lie. All I ask is that if you want me then just come here and be with me. I will tell you all you want to know but in the end you really have to be with someone to know them for real. This is what I want so email me back if you are interested and if not, then good luck with your search. May you find your soul mate some day!