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Hey, dear xxx! I m so glad that you wrote to me, as i think it is my
luck to meet you here and to have a chance to talk with you. You seem
a very nice man and I wish to know you closer. I d like to know so
much things about you, such as your style of life, your hobbies, your
dreams and expectations from our meeting and everything what you wish
to share with me.

I know, there are many things to share with each other, so I m a
little lost from what to start, as it is really not easy to tell about
29 years of my life just in one word and even in one letter;) I
suppose it will be a story in some parts! Are you ready to read all of
them? You know, it is my little trick that to talk with you for a long
time:) Do you like blondes with a good fantasy?!

Ok, my name you already know, Marina, but all my close people call me
Marisha, so you could call me in this way too;) I m 29 years old and
on 25th of January it will be my anniversary:) As you see, I m
Aquarius, though i should tell I don t believe much in horoscopes, and
you? I live in a big and very nice regional city of Crimea -
Simferopol. It is not too far from Black Sea, there are many kinds of
different transport which could bring you in any city on Black Sea.
So, here I was born and have spent all my life. For now i live alone
in my own place, two years ago my parents moved to live to Russia to
the parents of my mum, as they are old already and need care and help.
From time to time I go to them and they visit me here. I m the only
child, so my best friends are my sisters and brothers:-) At the
present time I work as a seller in the shop of cosmetics. I enjoy this
job, though it is not my profession. I have graduated a Pedagogical
University as a teacher of Russian language and literature, but I
don t work according to my profession, as the teacher s salary is too
much low. I don t know why profession of teachers and also doctors are
so low-paid here, if it is the same in your country?

Talking about my interests, I have many of them. I m active and
sportive girl, I go to swim in the pool and also visit gym. I like to
keep myself in a good shape, by the way do you like my figure? - it s
a joke, you shouldn t answer if you don t want;) Also I like to spend
time outdoors, i like camping. When I was little, my parents and I, we
often do camping. I like to read and to visit art exhibitions, most of
all i like painting. In my free time after work or on weekends, i
usually stay at home, making home things(there are always something to
do). Also I like to read and to watch some romantic or just relaxing
comedies. I dream to have cat or dog at home, as I love pets, but
unfortunately i don t have time for them, so I stay alone. Yes, I m
single already about two years, I have been involved in long-term
relationship which leaded to nothing. So, I m here in the Internet
dating looking for my the only and you know, i want that it will be
once and forever, it is my innermost wish and dream:)

You should stop me when I talk to much like right now:)
So, now is your turn to share more things with me, I will be waiting,