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Hello Dear
How are you today ?good to read from you ..i saw your profile at i decide to send you the email ....your profile was very interesting and i hope we can get to know each other better for a relationship.

If i interest pls can you kindly write me some more details about your self and send me your recent picture ...i will write back and send you my picture and lets see how far we can go.

do have a wonderful day i will be looking to read from you soon.
best regards.

dear hein
how are you today glad to read your message again .
thank you for liking my style and profile

i like your idea that we start with a good communication .
o.k.i understand that your country Germany do not speak English ...i will try to read all what you wrote down.

thank you for telling me some thing about yourself sound good and your profile is good that is why i decide to write back to you .

let me tell you some more details about your self also .
Am Nancy Richardson,am 25yrs single female ,never marry before .
am the only child to my parent .
my father is dead and i have only mom left
Am Asian American ..
I live permanently in San xxxco,Cali,U.S.A
whic is 15mins drive to Hollywood .
i weight about 100kg and am 5 7tall
i have a long blond e hair.
but right now am in England ,i came to study fashion design and patterns in England ,
and i have finished my course of study,and graduated at the college on Dec 21th,2010..but am still here in England hope to return home soon.
am not working yet because i just finish school ,but when i return home hope to find a good work

do you like your work as an accountant ?wow ,you company must be a big company .
do your company sale houses also?
i have never been to Germany before..but i had a lot about the country and would like to see the place.. stay so long at work come back everyday at 5 p.m must have get tired every day ....and who cook for you ?and take care of you when you come back ?

the sport i like is baseball and sometimes i exercise on weekends.

in my free time i read books ,novel watch movies ,cook and do some home work.
am glad to hear that you do not smoke ,because smoking is not good for the health.
i drink socially and do not smoke.
oh,baby sound so touching to my heart as i read your email,is hard to find the right companion this day ,a person who true loves and care for each other.
i also i seek a good partner i can understand him very well ,and love him and care for him and build a happy family with him and live with him forever .
because i have finish school now and i want to get settle down with the right partner.MR RIGHT.

am humble ,obedient ,loving,caring,i get shy at first when am approached ,but i like you gradually bring out the love flower in me .
i understand you are a quite man ...and dont talk much but you have that feelings of love in your heart for the right woman ..
you interest me and i would like to know you better and see if you can be honest and true .
the German ladies do not understand ,true meaning of love and never look deep in the heart.that is bad..

oh baby ,that was so sweet of you to look around the world for love your lonely find me ...i do not know your plans and dreams and aspiration ....
baby..dont get shy will be loved and cared for o.k and you be happy and feel that love again in your heart forever .

same thing my love ..i came on the dating sites to find my true soul mate.....oh baby..i believe God has destiny for us to meet ..

i look forward to that day ..we have a candle night dinner of love ..and for us to say to each other "YES i do and i love you forever "thats romantic...

is good that you do not give up are a brave man and intelligent and patient man so sweet man ..i think...

baby...i pray if God make me to be your right partner that we live together forever ..
am still romantic ,sweet and my body still fresh...o.k if you want child.but we must get to know better not particular about the location because am ready to relocate to you if you the right partner..and honest to me .... not worry am ready and willing to give you maximum sex and satisfaction and to make you satisfy forever and i will always give you sex any time you want .
and give you some erotic and sweet love touches and

we have the whole sex position o.k ,that you ever want ...and you have to maximum.
but i want look at your heart pussy is fresh ,inviting and juicy ..well shaved

all i want is your heart ,serious and commitment to our love am ready to shower only you with my love and passion..

am glad at what you said and i think you the man i have been wanting to meet all this yrs ,a sweet man to my heart and soul ..a man i would love and care for and shower with all of my heart and he will be my only and i will give maximum satisfaction.
we msut knwo each other better before we say YES OR No

that is good that we meet in real ..and i can not wait to meet such a man like you ..
i can not wait to be in your arms in your house ..

baby hein i understand all your feelings and i think you can be the right partner to me and i would want us to meet one on one .....and get to know better ..

i would want you to ask me any question you like to know about me ..
i sed you my picture for you to see me
thank you for the wonderful picture you sent to me


write to me soon ,i wait to read from you .

with much love

baby hein

the first picture is me in the room ,resting on the pillow case.

the second picture ,that is me and my mom,

I am holding two teddy bear and wearing a brown blouses...

my mom is holding one teddy bear .

we stand at the catholic church in the U.S.A

hope you like that ..
hein baby
how are you today ? hope you are fine ..did you receive my previous message ?