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Hello Dear,

How are you doing once again?? i hopeyou are fine and doing great with your family and friends once again...I am Samatha a single lady from Xmatch..You gave me your email address and requested for a mail from me....I am lovely and caring and I also like chating and emailing...I wish you will send me a pictures of you very soon and also wish you will tell me something about you and your work...take care..Samatha
Dear xxx,

I am very happy to send you this mail and I was so excited with the mail you send and it seem I was lucky to find you and is because of you that s why I have come to browse. But is okay for me. And I am sad that you are lonely.

I am very glad to receive your mail .. I want to tell you about myself a little bit more, I hope that you will become interested in me the ambassador. I live in Kumasi which is also in Ghana. I m Single never Married. Dear, I am studying in (KUNST) . It is also in another city called Kumasi . I will tell you about our city. Our kumasi is very beautiful place, in my opinion. It is situated on the safety land. The population of our city is about 10000 thousand people. Our climate is a continental with warm and dry summer and with a cold winter sometime like this time. Sometimes in winter the forests are be up to -20 degrees C. It is so cold. Now at us frequently there are rains and weather simply awful. On the streets are pools and there is a lot of water. At the super market I work almost all day. In time when I studied at the University, I studied Agric, but if you see with my spelling is not all that so good. It will save my work time. By the way I would like to learn about you more and it would be interesting for me to learn about life in your country. I hope that you will answer me soon and what is your religion, I m a Catholic member . I wait for your letters . Now I must go to school and go and sleep and prepare go to school for lectures. Your friend from Ghana, Samatha.

I will tell you more about me.Take good care and have nice day today.. Bye for now and may God bless you. P.S. I want you to reply me and we will exchange mail at this time for me to get know you better. I hope that you will like it.

Hello Dear,

How are you doing I hope you are fine..I really missed you..Please when are you going to mail me?Take care..kiss