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hello how are you doing i hope you are well
this is a lady that you saw my profile on aff
i m so much pleased and i m so much interested and i would like to know you more and if possible be friends
i m single lady who is new on the aff looking for the best serious friend that i can always trust

i m so grateful and i must thank you for showing interest in my profile and i m much interested too
thank you, i would like us to know each other better and exchanges pics also
so i m hoping to hear more from you
Hello Mr xxx
i m so happy to hear from you once again and how are you doing, in fact i ind it so much happy to have you a real man and that is what i have been searching in my life for. when i had your mail on AFF i read it and i was so much in hurry to reply you at the moment i i guess ad start thinking about. how i could reach you
thank you very much for the great time interest with me i must say to you that i really appreciate, it tells me so much of the type o person that you are . i m OK with your English language and i ca tell you that not all people are good in writing but you have the sentence in good form.
i have understood your sentence well and everything gets in my mind well.
i have got your pic and your are very nice man with a beautiful sexy face

i have leant so many thing about you that and that is what i have been looking for in man
i don,t have children, i m in the third year in university of Ghana.
i have two sister and two brothers
i m the third born and i like smiling and singing, , i m looking for the ream man or my life that i will make family with and my lovely children will called him father. i m real so i m looking real person like you
it will get to a time when we learn more of each other then we can visit each other, you can come and see my family and i will so come to your family too.
i went to the dating site because i m looking for my life children,s father.
i m waiting to hear more from you
have the great day and hoping to hear from you more
do you cook and wash your clothes by yourself
and are you the one who iron your clothes
hello my dear
Good morning and how are you doing dear i hope you are really having a nice time
i m so happy with always having your mail open. honey i m , as i told you in the first mail
i m real and i m looking for a real man that i will love and making my lie family with
i m sorry i have not tell you about me , all because i wanted to know and learn how we can love each other
honey the picture on profile on aff is not mine, i m hope you will not be sad since you are looking for someone real and i m the one.
i have a lot to share with you
the name sena don is a name that i m used to call in the house but my real name is
have the best o your working time
i m looking for real man
hello my dear
thank you so much for the mail, how are you doing today? i m so happy and pleased about you appreciating my picture and you have also agree with me and taken me, baby i m sorry about what i have done in aff , but all the same i m so happy about you and making it real here
the reason why i put someone picture there is that, i m looking for someone real who is seriously looking for a lady a wife and he is ready to make family with, i m a very nice person with great sense of humour caring with very kind heart.
please darling don,t be angry with me i know how you will feel about that , but i did said that i m real person and looking for the same, i don,t lie that is why i have made you understand me better.
i m thanking you so much for the time you took on my mails and you given me the reply back
baby i must say that i m so happy with it, you are real and you must have someone who is ready to make a happy family with you and that is my dear.
making pictures for you dear, i will do all what i can to do it for you OK
i was happy about some previous mails when we did said that we must learn to know each other better
and now we are getting to know each other better
the connection is you now understanding me, i have agree you marrying me
i m welcoming you to my single searching heart
thank God that i have found you and i m so proud to have you baby.
enjoy your evening and i m yours dear
you are welcome my darling, good evening and how are you doing
i m so happy and i must tell you today that i m really thinking and missing you each and every now and then, thank you so much for liking me dear and i really admire everything about you
what did you see in my eyes that turn you so on and on, my body and soul and love will be yours forever and you will be the father of my children, my pinky sexy pussy and pointed nipples will be given to you as a daily meal you will eat it every day and night.
honey i m very romantic sexy lady who will make you so much happy and feel your heart with joy
real people makes it real i remember your picture on the profile on aff, i would want to know why your face was not clear.
my day was very well thinking and dreaming about meeting you so much one day in this life
honey it will be great pleasure for me. if you come and visit me and my family i have talk to my family about you and they are happy one day they will see you.
i bless that day that i found you and that day will never be forgotten
honey about the bikin in picture for you i really love to share my whole body with you
i want to see you happy but it is unfortunate i don,t have camera to take those pictures , the one that i sent to you so taken by photographic , and you are the only one who will see my nakeness, but all the same i will try to search for camera then i take those pic for you..
honey i will be please if you can come here, there are a lot of interesting tourist places here that when you come you will see.
what have you done all of today, did you had a good day
what did you see today that makes you happy or sad
your lady becky
oh baby i m feeling so sexy and i wish that i was there with you, after you are close from work
i take off your clothes and shoes then you have some glass of water i welcome you back home dear
i serve you with food and you take your shower
we go to the sofa and i lay on you kiss you and take off your clothes from you
i suck your cock and make it really hard and i open my pussy for you to lick
wesssssssssssssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it tasty lovely
hello my sweet darling
good evening and how are you doing honey. how was your day
what have you been doing all day, what did you eat before going to work
baby i m so much in love with you and i m dying for your hot mail that i can,t do anything about my feelings. darling when are you doing down here my pussy is wet and want to have your hot cock by my side all time, honey i would want us to visit each other
what do you think about that
darling when my pussy pink get wet i would want you to lay down and i rub it on your face
tell me now how do you feel about my sexy wet pussy
turn my around and let,s make doggy style
oh yeah it is real sexy romantic doing it in that way
what do you think about that too baby
i get so honry when you tongue is rocking on my hard nipples
and me having your cock in my mouth and rocking it really fast
you tell me that you like that so much and i should continue to do that for you
i have your cum all in my mouth and i take it so hot
i love you
what will you be doing all these time till Monday
sometimes i would want us to talk on phone will you be OK with that
hello baby
missing and thinking about how sexy and romantic, you are is always making my pink pussy wet and wetter. oh is very nice that you did some work in the garden i like seeing beautiful environment and it is very nice thing to know. when you cock was dripping my pussy and asshole was getting honry and sexy.
baby right now i will want to have your cock in my mouth where i will lick the tip of your cock with my sexy tongue , after that when you are so hard i would want to spread my pussy widely and you stick your pointed tongue straight in oh yeah mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
oh come on baby and don,t stop what you are making because i m feeling it
now i m so wet and i want to sit on your cock and you fuck me.
huh oh yeah do that , mmmmmmmmmm i like that and fuck that
honey now you are cumm and i want you to drop all that in my mouth because i love to swallow it because it tasty so sweet
oh your cock is so sweet and come on don,t stop fucking my ass
darling i can,t wait to have you by myself and come to your place
baby if you want me to come there i can come and it will be a happy time to share with you my love
darling i have something to discuss with you is all about the work that you do
about real estate, here is not many so i want you to think about it if you have any ideal of making that as your business since you know something about it
have the greatest time
i love you baby
hello my dear
is everything all well with you, i miss you and thinking so much of you baby
why m , i not hearing from you these two days