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i am mailing you to reply, the mail you sent me on aff, i must say that i know little bout you am just taking a chance with you hope we do fine,
well i dont know what to say,you look stunnin,i am also going to bed too.but i have some question, you could reply tommorow.
Are you married?,or in any relationship?, are you willing to go into a master slavery relationship?, what do you do for a living?
sorry if i ask too many questions is just the process of learnig.
read from you later.
thanks for the mail, it is a very lengthy and explanatory mail, i enjoyed reading every single line of it.
Because i want to show all i am, i dont want to hide anything from you i have sent you a picture of my body in whole.dont be angry i sent a nude picture but i want you to see me as i am, black and proud of it.
After reading your mail it was as if i already know you and am living with you.
It my be hard to believe but i think i understand you,you are very nice person, not an evey day guy, you are even gentle the way you send your mail.
I appreciate all what you said and i respect you a great deal.
I know sex is a major part of a good relationship, to have a good relationship, we must have a good sex life,i understand this and am not a novice in satisfying a man sexually, we could do whatever you like,i have a good sex drive.
Though i came to the site, i didnt know what to expect,my friend met someone on the site and they fell in love and he relocate her to where he lives in sweeden,so she told me to give it a try , i never knew it ll be so soon to find someone to respect me as you do, i do respect you, and i have never found a man that respects me like you do.
I dont smoke too, only drink lightly when there is an occassion.i dont have money to gamble.
Yes i ll love to come over to you and be the right woman for you, but that is you to descide i suppose, as for me i am convinced that you are the ideal man, gentle and calm.
I repeat that i respect you and understand you.
Tell me what you feel in your heart for me, i want to know how you feel deep down.
Read from you soon,
Kisses and hugz
hello dear,
i haven t got any reply back from you, i hope everything is fine, will love to hear from you soon,i want to know where i stand with you.
pls let me know
thank you for the reply, i was feeling something went wrong, i hope nothing goes wrong between us.
I must say,that the kind of person i am, i dont make quick decisions, buh when i do am sure it is the right one. Now i am sure you are the 1 for me, am ready and will do anything to come to you and be by your side so I can share your wonderful life.
I wish i had enough finance to come there now, buh no,jeez life is so cruel.I mean i finally meet a soul mate and i dont have enough finance to relocate. I want to come, hold you squeeze you put all my body around you, i want to give myself to you body and soul.
You know i never saw my Dad, my mum died a couple of years ago(cancer),leaving me with my kid brother,when we couldnt sustain, my brother eloped, saying in a letter he wrote that it is the best thing for us,the poverty was eating him up, he had to go and hustle, till this point i am writting you he never show up or write or call. I am saying you all about my family so you know my background.
How soon can we workout the relocation?, i cant wait hon
thank you ,sleep well,i ll wait to read from you t0morrow,
sweet dreams,
i appreciate the trust you have in me, and the believe you have in this relationship. I already made up my mind that i m coming up to meet you. I wish i could do things to relief the cost of getting me over there, buh i really dont have that much money.
Well i found out bout the cost
passport is around $220
visa $300
travelling agency $270,,
honey i hope all this will work out really fine, am really excited bout the idea of meeting you, i wish the process don t take too long,am longing to meet you flesh and blood.
Am going to sleep dreaming about you and your country, and your house and a future family together,God this is going to be great, am so so excited sweetie, can you believe am crying..............waiting on you.
kisses and hugz with little tears of joy,
baby, how are you doing, i haven t heard from you in a while...really looking forward to hear new things about you,i really enjoy reading your mails, i have read all the mails thaat you sent me over and over again, am still not tired of reading them.
You ll be in bed now, am going to bed too dreaming of you in my sleep.
Read from you soon.
Thanks honey i really appreciate your support in this process. I am just coming back from a western union office and i was told the requirments. My full name is olaitan animashaun.
address is 22,nitel road ojodu lagos
zip code:23401
this is all that is required,fill this info into the form that they give you. Am really happy that the process will start as soon as possible. Looking foward.
Kisses n love
Do i have id scanned to you?or how will i do it. Please let me know how to do this.
I really can t wait,am really excited.
honey am trying to keep cool. Sorry that i can t get it scanned to you this weekend,couldn t find an internet cafe with a scanner quick, when i found one that had a scanner it was late and was expensive i had to go home to find some money. Tomorrow is sunday and it is not a work day so the internet cafe will not open , i ll have to wait till monday, to get it scanned.
Love you as always
Thanks dear i got the pictures,now we could take 1 more step 2 fowardin the process of gettin to know each other.
Are u a doctor? I see u in a doctor coat.
I also think want to see you,if u can invite me,i ll be glad to come.
calm down dear,
Honey you called me a bitch and say i am ugly.
I can see that you are really angry and annoyed at me, but believe me that is the last thing i want to get, i don t want you to be angry, a good man like you are hard to come by and shouldn t be angry, anger gives you wrinkles on your face, i don t want you sweetie to get wrinkles early in life, i want you to have your preety face.
I want you to understand that everything has an explanation,and i wouldn t lie to you.
you see this sam guy, i met him bout 2 months ago, he told me he loved me and said he ll love to be with me, after that i didn t hear from him for about a month.
then i met you, the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me, even though i haven t met you i know that you are the love of my life, you are the last thing i think about before i go to bed and the first thing that comes to my mind in the morning, you are the reason i am alive because i hope that some day we will have a life together in your country.
Sam left me and didn t reply my mails. I got over him, and then recently he sent me some of his pictures,i didnt want to be rude to him so i decided to play along with his game, so i sent you a copy of what me and sam have been saying for the past 2 months, you know i dont want to keep any secret from you honey, but if it hurts you am really very absolutely sorry.
Also, i think you should know that i have told him that i am not interested in him no more , that i am ready to move on with my life. With the one that i desire, the love of my life.
So please honey, i want you you to understand, that i will never love another than you.
kisses to your heart
you call me a bitch again, well i am not surprised so many white men call think we black women lie about evrything and call us sorts of names like whore, prostitute and bitch. look hear honey i am not a bitch, be creful what you say bout me, tell me if i was lieing to you would i have sent you my pictures,i am telling you honey you have to think this thing really carefully, i know you are still angry at me.
for the past week i haven t been thiunking of anything only of me seeing you, because am black now am a bitch? you hurt my feelings for you.
Did you know that i already have your picture as my wall paper?
i dont know what else i could say to you to make me believe me. I could leave you now, but my soul is always going to be with you.
my heart is with you now , you can do what you want with it,
hey there cutie
lets chat and we could get everything sorted out,i don t want you to loose your love, i am saying to you i would die if i loose you, so lets chat sweetie just give me the opportunity to talk to you.