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Beloved One,
Thank you so much for your email to me.I was very happy after reading your email and will honestly tell you about my self.
I was born in a rich family in Ivory Coast,my mother died during my child birth so i was raised up by my father who took me very special as his only child.My late father was the director of cocoa merchant in Abidjan before he was poisoned to death by his business associates.Before his death on June 2010 in a private hospital here in Abidjan, he secretly called me to his bedside and told me that he had a sum $3.500.000.00(Three million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) that he left with my name as his next of kin with a financial security company, that i am the next of kin to the money as his only child.He kept this money for my future and for investment and as the only child and made special arrangement with the financial security company that i should provide a foreign guardian from a country of my choice that will be my legal guardian and assist me claim my money from the financial security company and also assist me come over to your country after the money is successfully claimed and received in your country.This is why i have contacted you,all i need from you is honesty,sincerity and trust.

After the death of my father,my uncles started over my fathers property so i have to leave the house and run away for the fear of my life presently i am in a local hotel without help and hope.I have contacted the financial security company several times where my late father deposited the money for little part of the money for my feeding and maintenance but the bank manager refused telling me that the money cannot be touched till i present a legal guardian that will stand and claim the money for me .Today,i have know other choice than to contact you and hoping that you will assist me with good heart.

Please is it possible for you to come down to my country to visit me and discuss every thing with me and also meet with the bank where the money is deposited?Please promise me that you are not going to change your mind if you receive the money in your country because this is the highest risk that i am taking.I have promised to compensate you with 20% of the money for all your effort.

Please tell me little about your self in your next email.Thank you for your love and care to me,as soon as i hear from you again,i will give you full details about how you can help me.
hope to hear from you for us to proceed thanks and God bless you and your family.
Yours Sincerely,
Caroline Djabo.
call me with +22560094275
Hello Dear,
Thank you so much for your wonderful email to me especially telling me about your self and been sincere to me,i really appreciate your presence in my life at this time.I was very happy after reading your lovely email to me.I love Germany so much and will love to come to Germany and spend the rest of my life there.You have brought back hope and happiness to my life and i promise to make you happy as soon as i join you in your country after my money is claimed and received by you.
The money is in a metallic box and kept with a financial security company.I have told the manager of the finance company about you and your intensions to assist and he has accepted my decisions but he told me that i will have to officially introduce you to them with your information s so that they can know about you and have your data stored in there system.So my dear what you have to do for me now is to send to me your full name,phone numbers,address and a copy of your id card or drivers license.
As soon as i receive your information s,i will send them to the finance company for approval then send to you the contact of the finance company so that you can contact them and they will direct you on what to do.Thank you so much for your love,care,understanding and trust,i hope to hear from you soon thanks and God guide you.
Yours Lovely,