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Good day my Dear,
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I speak and write English but i translate in swedish.I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity you gave to me although we have not known each other before, i am very happy to read your mail. How are you doing today, hope your doing good. I am alright only that life has not been easy for me, more over my name is Miss Sonia Alif, i am from Sudan by Nationality, my late parents are Dr. and Mrs xxxin Alif. My father Dr. xxxin Alif was the Special Adviser to President Saliva Kiri of South Sudan for Decentralization. My parents were among with other top Military Officials and top Government officials that was on board when the plane crash that took place on Friday 02, May 2008, on they way to a Political Conference, i lost the life of my lovely parents which was the worst thing that has ever happened to me in life.

After the burial of my late parents life becomes so difficult for me as the only child to my parents, my uncle conspired and sold my father s properties to a Chinese Expatriate and left nothing for me to survive with, explaining to me that as tradition demand , as a female issue i don t have any right to my father s properties, i tried to fight for my right which he treating to kill me, that is the reason i find my way and run away from my country , i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal, although life is not easy here.

I am sorry to boarder you with my problems , i know that were ever my parents are at this moment they will not be happy on what i am passing through in life, i want you to accept my company because talking with you will makes me forget the past and carry on with my life, i want to know more of you , i am always serious with my studies , i like cooking which is a function of a woman , i sent you my picture and i hope you will love it , i took it when i was in my country . I Thank you so much for your mail and God bless you. please my dear i am expecting to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Miss Sonia Alif
Greetings to you my Dear,
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Well sorry that i write long mail , but read it very careful ok.Thank for your kindness and honest to me, i have nothing to say but to tell you all about me , But i need your honest to help me not to cheat me in life , i have build every of my hope and trust in you , i promise to be that your dream wife and to married you, How i wish you can travel down here to Visit me at list to seen how this place is or you can move to any Refugee Camp in your Country over there In Germany to Visit them you can tell me how you feel with their life.

If you can help me to come over there fine, but if you can help me in this transfer then let us seen the both side which one will be ok i trust in you and when the bank will transfer this money into your account over there in your country, i want you to help me in this transfer.

I am excited to hear from you, I like your picture , mostly the one you stood at the road side , you what to give any thing you need to proved you a man , I never have any sex with no man in my life , i am sorry to open up and tell you this, but i fail in love to those picture you send to me and i love to be by your side.

As for sex my love, it is your wish to have my body as much as you can , but what i need from you is to provide me a future children of my own once we married.your a nice Person, i always dream to meet some one like you, as for that reason i will never hide anything from you. i used to celebrate my birth day with my friends in school every year, but now you could imagine me in a refugee camp, on my birth day last month my heart is full of pains and sorrow,

Your English is ok to me i understand you well ok and i am here looking for the best for each other. I remember all i used to do during my birth day, my parents always buy me a special gift, but that day i could not find none of them behind me. I am student of Accounting in the university before the incident, but i could not finish up my education, i was in 3rd year, i want to become a Banker as a profession.

We have the general over seer in the camp, he takes care of our welfare in the camp here, he is the Reverend of (Christ the King) here in this camp, his name is Rev. James Oscar, it was through his help that i could be able to contact you with his computer, he has a computer in his office that was were i used to send you mails. In case you want to call me so that you can hear from me, you can call me through his phone number, tell him that you want to speak with me, he will send for me at the Hostel to come and answer your call, he is such a nice man, always good to people, this is his phone
number( +221-761 337 999 ).

There is some thing i want us to talk about, i know that is very difficult to get some one that is honest and sincere, but for the fact that you have made me to forget my past and makes me happy in life again, this issue i am telling you is some thing i will not like you to review to any body, no body knows my where about, i am telling you this due to the trust i have seen in you, i feel your honest and understanding person, when my parents were alive they never hide anything from me as the only child,

After the death of my parent i was able to get my late father s Statement of Account where he Deposited his money, my uncle later got to know about it, that was his reason he was threatening me so that he could be able to claim the money. It contains 7.8 million british pounds, and as the only child i am the next of kin, i am giving you all this information due to the trust I have deposed on you. When i escaping out of my country i also took along with me my late father s Death Certificate too.

This are things i like,

I like to cook at home than to eat fast food.

I like going out with any man i love to seen new place and to hold him why moving on the road.

I like to listing music and to playing with my man at room on our free time.

There are some things I dislike too such as:

I don t like .Smoking but that dose not mean that a man that married me can not smoke no, i respect him and he is free to smoke.

I don t like much drink.

I don t like man that taking drug.

I don t like to hid my feeling if a man i love do me any bad , i love to speak it out to him.

I don t like a man who praying games to me , it hurt me, is better to tell me no than to use me off.

My Dear at this moment i want to come out of this camp to live my normal life as a woman, i want you to help me so that i could be able to get this money, i have already contacted the bank and i found out and i was also informed by the bank that my father have an agreement with the bank that the money should be release to me when i get married or a partner, as the case may be with an appointed trustee who could stand on my behalf to help me get the money. I have kept this as a secret, even Rev James Oscar, does not know about it .

But will tell him as soon as i get some one that could be able to help me out,i also want you to keep it to your self too, for i am afraid of loosing my life. My Dear i want to go back to the hostel in few minutes from now we are going to have our manual labor, i will give you the information s of the bank in my next mail, once again thank you and God bless you for your kind help to me.

I wait to hear from you soon.
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Yours Sonia.
How are you how was your last night dream and your health, i hope you are doing fine ? What happen i hope all is well with you, oh! i am really worried about you, after the last mail i send to you up till now i have not hear from you.

Well i miss you , i always think of you ok.

Wait to hear from you soon.

Yours Sonia
My Dear Love,
Greeting i just write you to wish you the joy and grate Sunday, i hope your doing fine any where you are, i really think about you and i love to hold you all the rest of my life; your the only man in my dream also the only family i have, hear my cry and wipe my tears a way , if i am the woman in your soul, make me feel at home with you and i promise to give you very happiness you want in life.

I miss you also i love you my dear.

Yours Sonia.