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Dear Friend

Thanks for your mail and your concern towards my requested for your sincere assistant. I received your mail and I understood your point, I would have respond to your message earlier than now, but due to I am very busy here with the bankers making all the necessary arrangement for the smooth transaction of my inheritance to your custody for investment purpose. I have noted your point and I want to use this opportunity to make it very clearly to you that I did not contact you in this noble transaction by an accident or to hurt your feelings in anyway, NO. But I contacted you for mutual business partnership only if you will remain sincere to me. So please if you really want to assist me to handle this transaction, help me for you will not regret helping me okay!

Furthermore, you must be informed that before the transfer of my money to your custody that a very strong and capable lawyer here will process a contract trust agreement for us which both of us will sign to make sure that the interest of both us are protected. The bank also require your information for the transfer, your telephone no, address and account information, also send your pic to me for more trust!

As soon as I hear from you and we build more trust to each another then I will give you the contact of the bank where my late father deposited the money US$2.6 Million, so that you will contact the banker directly for the transfer arrangement. I hope to hear from you soonest and i confess to you that this transaction is 100% risk free.

Kind Regards, Christe
Dear xxxxx,

Thanks for your details which you sent to me. I visited the bank lawyer directed to me by the bank manager, He said every arrangement for the release of my money to your country Germany will be on Monday. So, i want you to the lawyer now for the arrangement, here is the email and telephone number of the lawyer, email:
telephone no: 0022549058206. The Lawyer is: Barrister: Goodluck Koffi, please do contact him immediately,and always keep intouch with me.

I know it is not easy to trust someone you have not meet before but I know God will not mislead me to a wrong person, My name is: Christe and my Surname is Serge I was on Novermber 10-1987 What I need from you is honesty and sincererity from your heart. My Dear, money is the root of all evil, don t allow the spirit of money to make you turn against me in future. Despite my money, I will love and respect you with all my heart if you are sincere with me. For now, all I want from you is to help me speak with my late father s bank lawyer as my foreign partner who will receive my money for me for investment as I have taken the best decition to relocate to your base. Then After the transfer of my money to your bank account, I will tell you how much you will send back to me here to settle my bills and prepare my travelling papers to join you. For over three weeks now I have not been able to pay my accomodation fee in the guest house here, they are disturbing me badly. They even threathing to report me to the police because of $1485 which I owe them. I know how much I have spent in this guest house when newly came in, I used to dash them money. Usually I feed twice in the guest house restaurant but since tuesday, the caterra stopped sending food to my room. My dear I am facing humiliation here. It is my evil uncle who has put me into all this hard times here. After he has sit on my father s properties, he still after my life. As soon as my late father s bank transfers my money to your bank account as I wish, I will travel to meet you so we can spend lovely times together and give promise to ourselves. I sold my phone because I was sick, I have no body to assist me. And I don t want to discuss my money issue with anybody here, that may put me and my money in danger. I want someone who will love me for what I am, not for what I have. My soap and cream has finished since last week. I now lives like a poor orphan. My situation here is given me sleepless night, I am very lonely here. Please I want you to help me with all your good heart so that before one week time, I will be with you. That settles our problem. I have attached to you my picture, Please also send me your phone number so I can call you when needed to. Please help me fast my life is in danger.

Kind regards,
Dear xxxxx,

How are you doing? I have not yet heard from you concern the request i made with you to contact the bank lawyer, please get back to me

Kind Regards,
Dear xxxxx,

I forget to let you know this, any email you receive concern this transaction, that s not from me or the bank lawyer as i stated to you yesterday should be forward to me for verification, i m saying this to you becos i know my uncle may mighty look for a any means to put assuder in this transaction, so to avoide such mistake don t reply to any other email accept mine and the lawyer. Thanks for understand.

With much Love, Christe.
Dear xxxxx,

I received your message with happiness and joy, I will try to call you any moment from now. Meanwhile i was at the bank lawyer chamber this morning, and the lawyer said he did not receive any message or call from you why? Please send your yahoo id or another of ur email id for security reason, i don t want cammunicate with you through googlemail becos since i send my last message to you i have receiving spam message in my email id which have never happen before. Remember my last message to you that you should communicate with me and lawyer alone, any other message you receive concern this transfer should be forward to me for verification, i m saying this because of my wicked uncle.

With much love for you.
Hello xxxxx,

I called you when i went to the lawyer office which i did not understand you, do really mean that don t know me my voice while you re the person who say i should call you Why? Who is parsscal from Liberan? or do you have any other women from west Africa? Please i want to know if you are serious with me or not, becos i don t want some one to delay my time. There s serious problem here and i want to leave fast. Please contact the lawyer and get back to me.

I am so much worried for not hearing from you, why? can you tell me what exactely what is happen?

i m happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the co-operation of a new partner from JAPAN Presently I m in JAPAN for investment projects in the church now with my own share of the total sum. meanwhile,I didn t forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how.

Now contact the solicitor in ACCRA GHANA who assisted me ,his name is Barrister Paul Williams on ask him or you call him on +233 02 47742272 to send you a cheque of $250,000.00 which i kept for you for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much though you didn t understand .so feel free and get in touch with Barrister Paul Williams and instruct him where and how to send the cheque to you.

Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy after all the sufferance at that time. in the moment, I m very very busy here because of the investment projects which me and my new partner are having at hand, finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to the Barrister Paul Williams concerning you, so get in touch with him and ask him to send the amount to you.
You have to contact the Barrister Paul Williams with the following information s:

First name:.................
Last Name:..................
COPY OF ID ....................
Telephone number..........

Email Address....
You are advice to contact him as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay also let me know through email as soon as you receive your Draft.
Bye and thank you so much
Yours Faithfully,