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Hello how are you? Am very happy to hear from you, As i told you before Am Vivian Ugorji, 23years of age, Never married, no kids, student, i love dancing, watching movies and reading.

Tell me more about yourself, am looking for a good friends and a good relationship with a modern person who knows what is love and how to love a lady. you have my picture .I will like to know you more.

Send me your picture and other information about yourself and your relationship life, i will be waiting to hear from you.

Thanks and nice meeting you.

Mr. Hein

Nice time hearing from you, and your email is very good and lovely, your photo is very nice, i like your simplicity and courage about relationship life.

I can to the site to look for a perfect friends and to have fun online.

I will love to have more information about you and your present relationship status, i know you have a love life and i want to know the type of love life you are into, please can i have your yahoo id and your phone number, so i can be able to chart with you when we are both online.

Am ready for a relationship or anything more than that but i have to know your ability to take good care of me, i will love to have a very good chart with you.

i wait for your urgent respond