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Hello. Lyudmila writes you. I am grateful for this to answer
my letter. Survive a little longer so you do not answer. I think you do not
forget. I have a bit of it. I live in Russia. I was born and
I live in the city Tsivilsk small. My birthday on March 20
1978. I live in the apartment a little. Parents do not remember me
and never see. I grew up in the asylum. Finishing high school by
especially economic. Now I work as an accountant at the
shop. She was married. I lived only 2 years with her husband. Then
the very beginning to take alcohol and beat me. Do not hold this
divorce. Children were not us. Since I do not like 5 years
meet the men. My friends have advised me to test the
knowledge through the Internet. While not quite as it relied,
but it has been decided yet and you have written. There is now much
deception on the Internet. I do not want this to disturb our
communication. So send the photo with the date and calendar.
Understand that the picture is not beautiful, but honest. I do not want the deception.
Find the person that my family can create. I want
loved and respected. I want to have kids. I want my
family has a trust and understanding. If interested. If not
find the game and entertainment, I will be nice to receive your
letter. Yours Lyudmila
Good evening xxx. Many thanks to you for that that you to answer my
letter. I to hope that you liked my photos. I at first not to believe
that you will write to me and I did not look mail. I nevertheless for
the present not to trust relations through the Internet. I think that
soon I to change the opinion. I to promise to you that I will check
the mail every day. I promise to send the photos in each letter. I
very much to regret that the mail at once has not checked up. I to
hope that you to forgive to me this error. Forgive, but I want to set
to you of a few questions. Why you to search the Russian girl???
Whether you want to have children and how many? What your plans for
the future life? I think that my questions not to offend you. I now
want as it is possible to learn is better you. I ask to write you
about all. I will be glad to learn as you to spend the put. That you
to love in kitchen. All is interesting to me about your life. I have
written to you in 1 letter that I not to search for entertainments. I
dream to create a happy family. I as want to tell about myself a
little. I work from 8 mornings to 17 o clock in the evening. I to have
a rest on Saturday and Sunday. I to like to visit pool and tennis. I
not to smoke and not to drink. On holidays I can drink a glass of
champagne or wine. From meal I very much to love the pizza and
Japanese cuisine. As I to love and Russian cuisine. I very much love
and it is good to prepare meal. It according to my friends. I to hope
that when that I can make to you magnificent a supper for two. My
favourite colours red (these are roses) and blue (the sky and the
sea). I like to have a rest on the sea. I to regret that from for the
finance not always I can make a trip to holiday. I think you to
understand me. I will finish the letter. I will wait your letter and
certainly beautiful photos. Tomorrow I to write to you and to send the
new photos. Lyudmila