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I have read your mail and it seems we ve all been through a lot.Moreover i think we share much in common and would like to get along with you.I am also sorry that you ve gone through so much pain in your life and if even not pains you have gone through a lot .. .I see that you are very caring,kind and honest man a woman can be with.I drive in 2006 car and sorry i don t even know the names of cars so i can not tell you the name ..I work as Hairdresser, but am now planing to move forward to find another job as the hair dressing was not my professional but rather Dental, .Am from New York, United States and was born and raised in Mexico but sadness i was not able to see my mum with my real eye since i was born to this earth so , let say i don t know my mum and i can not tell if i see her or not ...Most the time i spend my holidays in Victoria but sometimes spend it in New York, United States.,,because of my father i travel a lot ... ,doesn t do this quite often.I don t feel happy with my life as i have no man in my life now who can spend the rest of his life with me and if it can lead to marriage that will be great but not planning to have anymore child but if my man want to then i think that will be nice to have with him.

I am a humble person and so it has always been difficult for me to brag about my good qualities.If one would ask my friends,they would say that I m kind,have a great sense of humor,honest,dependable,a hard worker,well educated,a loyal friend and Mum,and just a fun person to be around.
I am easy going and down to earth.I always like to listen to the Gospel.Sports that I enjoy playing are the tennis,golf and swimming.I like to travel and try to do so whenever I can.I am looking for a honest man with good morals and doesn t play head games.(Been there,done that)also fun should be part of any relationship ,I love to laugh so a sense of humor is important.Someone easy going and can laugh at himself as I do is a must.I am not looking for any drama or high maintenance,life is too short for that! I believe family is one of the most important things in life so I am also looking for a mate that also embraces that belief.

I am a communicator and enjoy the company of people that have something to offer in terms of an opinion or a story. I appreciate kindness and charisma. I think I have and I appreciate enthusiasm and a lust for living when I see that in others. I am a happy person with a positive outlook and I enjoy being that way. I consider myself a beautiful, intelligent, and cultured individual who believes in opening doors and walking on the curbside of the sidewalk when I am with a man. Personal hygiene is very important to me, as I love to smell good for that special man. I ve been told that I am beautiful ,but it is very difficult to describe yourself without sounding vain. ;-) I also enjoy giving that special man a soothing massage, especially after a hard day or evening, as it is truly a stress reliever. I believe it s nice to comb a man s hair now and then as well. I do believe in sending flowers (to your abode or your job) every now and again. Godiva chocolates and Vermont Teddy Bears also capture that magical moment. I have a vivid sense of humor! I think it is very important to have a sense of humor as humor is naturally medicinal and potentates healing. I love a to hear a good story or a corny joke! :o)
It is important for me that a man is strong, independent and confident. While I will always do my best to provide extrinsic emotion and support her is every way, it is very important that she feels whole and exudes "sunshine". The ideal man... let me see...well, very clean, wholesome and very appealing to all five senses... cerebral. At the same time, I love a gentle, adventurous, and sensual man who appreciates the finer experiences in life; a woman that I would have the honor of sharing her universe...the virtuous woman.I consider myself to be honest, straightforward, patient, with a bit of a stubborn streak. Love the outdoors whatever the weather, and put quite a bit of effort into keeping fit, usually by running several times a week. Evenings however, are for relaxation.I like children so much.Remember that relationship without (sex) is not relationship but rather friends. and it means sex is very important to me ..
I think with this,you ve known a lot more of me.Try and send me some pictures of you.I would like to know if you re serious and interested as i am very serious and interested in getting to know much of you.I must run to job now,hope to hear from you...Linda xoxoxo