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How are you doing there?..Thank you very much for the mail you have sent to how was ur day and how was work going there with you..yeah me too i am here looking for Germany serious man to get marry with him i have never been in Germany before i would like to come there.yes we have to know each other better..i think u are very seriously as i am...i really like to have real meeting with white man from Germany because all my friends are in Germany right now so i wish to be there with the seriously man i will meet here..i have never been married before and never have kid s.i would like to be in Marry and have a lot of kid s.oh ur age is ok for me so don t worry about that ok..but please do you chat because i will like to chat with you more and do you have a phone.yes if u wish me to come to Germany i will like to live with you if u like to contact me only i will like that.i think u would be the right man i am looking for in my life for real meeting.oh i have contact many man before and they are not serious to find the right is my age ok for you..please i am in the college right now.yes i will like to meet you soon but lets know each other better well.i am willing to hear from you back soon!!!

yours Gyaase,,,
Thanks u very much for this mail.please i would like to get ur pics very soon and see how u looks like.right now i am at the cafe. please do you have phone..and i would like you to made yahoo messenger so that we can chat there that will be better.i would like to give u my phone number so when u come online u can text me when u come online..i am hoping to hear from you back
How are you,Thank u very much for this mail.but i am in the school right now and i have move to cafe to reply ur mail.yes it is good to work and save money.thank u for the pics too,i really like it so much.yes i think u are very serious to meet ur right woman and i think u will be the man i am looking how would we meet to together because i will really have to meet i am willing to hear from you soon!!
Hello Dear,
How are you doing there.Thank u very much for this mail you sent to me.yes i know that i am tired but i have to get some sleep.and i am waiting for another mail from you.that is why i am in the cafe.u looks very great in the pics and i really like it very much.yes i am in the school learning.yes i am doing very well here and i hope u are doing very great there as i am doing here..oh Dear if u have the phone i will give u my phone number so that u can call me but it is expensive to call to Ghana.yes i know that u don t chat and we will emailing our self here and meet someday.yes i would like to come to Germany and visit you and have a lot of fun together.yes i must get a visa and passport to visit u but i don t have a passport and visa but can u help me to get the visa and passport.yes Ghana too some have id card here and i have the id card but i can t find it where it is..oh i will like that when i come to Germany to know where the airport is.yes some time i look at ur pics you sent to me and when i saw ur eyes i feel very cool and great.right now the time 10:49am in the morning.when i come to u there i will wash ur clothes is weekends so i will go out with my friend today.i am willing to hear from you back soon,

Take care of your self for me and i will love you forever ok,,i will be with you only.
Hello my Dear love,
How are you doing there..Thank u very much for this maul you sent to me.oh my i trust you anyway and i believe you Dear i have the id card but i don t find it and right now u know that i am in the School so before i will get the ID Card i have to get new id Card and i think that be a problem to get new id card but right now if i had the money i will get it soon is Sunday Morning.i am very happy to be with you soon as i am ready to come.but why u find another WESTERN UNION but if u get that bank u can send me MONEY anytime u wish and if i get the new id card i will be very Happy to send to you my love..i am willing to hear from you back.i love you.and i really need you in my life honey.

urs Gyaase
Hello Dear,
How are you very much for this mail.i am very happy that u have find another way to send the money Dear.if u send the money they will give u information about the money so if you send it u will email me the information so that i can get the money Dear.u can go to the back and send the money without id if u send the money i will be very happy to get passport and visa soon..but i will get the passport before the visa so i am willing to hear from you back!!
your you forever
Hello my love,
How are you doing there.Thanks you very much for this mail love.i am very happy for the money you have sent to me and tomorrow i will go to the bank and check the money so if i get it i will email you whatever they will say love and i hope everything going to be very fine for me to get the money love.if i get the money i will get the passport before the visa and i am willing to hear from you soon..i love you so much...YOURS GYAASE
How are you?thank you very much for this mail.yes i go to the bank and they say the number and answer are no good and you have send me money 2 time s and all is not money so i think you are not serious so you can find another woman ok...and i will never ever ask you money because i am not here for money i am here to meet my right man and i you are not the man please live me alone.the man i would man here i will like to be with and have kid s with.bye for now good luck