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Compliments of the season
I must commend you for responding back to me, I like to know you better and i want to tell you more about myself too, my name is (Sgt Peace Jennifer Jackson)
(35) years single, I am 35 years old a native of Buffalo New York in United States. I am a soldier working as United Nations peace keeping troop in (Iraq) on war against terrorism. It would be pleasure to know more about you and i believe we can establish a good relationship. I want to tell you everything about myself and i hope you going to do same,
Well, I am US military officer currently in (Iraq) now, i will like to get acquainted with you. I am loving, honest and caring person with a good sense of humor, I enjoy reading , working , traveling, meeting new people and knowing their way of life, I enjoy watching the sea waves and the beauty of the mountains and everything that nature has to offer.

Please tell me more about you, your likes and dislike, i am still single at the age of (35) years like, it is very nice to know and be your friend

during one of our rescue mission we came across a safe box that contain huge amount of money that belongs to the militant supporters of the over thrown government of (Iraq), which i believe was money meant for buying weapons and ammunition for terrorist attacks. The amount of the money in the safe box is $19,200.000 Dollars and it was agreed by the 6 Army officers present on that rescue mission that the money will be shared among us and which we did. Out of the total fund my share was $3.2 Million Dollars ( three million two hundred thousand united states dollars ). I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of this money out of this country ( Iraq) to your own country for you to keep it safe on my behalf until i come over to your country.
I want you to stand as my beneficiary to receive the fund and keep it safe until
am through with my mission here in Iraq, I will come over to you for us to meet face to face and know each other. I will give you 50% of the total money for your assistance after you have receive the money. please reply back to me if you are willing to work with me so that i can send you more information where the money is been keep
Your urgent reply is highly needed.
Best Regards
Sgt Peace Jennifer Jackson
Hello My Dearest Friend

This is Sgt. Jennifer Jackson that contacted you some time ago about the consignment box transfer deal, I m happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Dakar Senegal, the man is living in Brazil, we just come back to Senegal,for our wedding,before i travel back to Brazil with him, I m in Brazil now with my new Husband for investment purpose with the money. Mean while,i didn t forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in getting
the consignment box out of Iraq,I intend to pay you well for good because of your help and love you showed me I m giving you the sum of ( $ 500,000,00 ) , Five hundred thousand United States dollars showing concern. Now you have to contact the Rev father Leo mark below ( phone number (+221708641973) ask him to send you the cheque of ( $500,000.00 ) which i give him to keep for you as a compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. he is the one that put us marriage ring in Dakar Senegal, I appreciated your efforts that time so much. try to get in touched with Rev Leo mark, he is the reverend that weeded I and my husband.

So feel free and get in touched with him and instruct him where to send you the draft cheque. My dear do inform me once you receive the Cheque , I m very busy here because of the investment projects which me and my husband are having at hand,

finally, I have tell him about you and also forwarded instruction to him on your behalf to receive the cheque, so feel free to get in touch with him ( he will send the cheque to you without any delay. thanks

Yours faithful
Sgt. Jennifer Jackson