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I m quite easy going guy, good listener, confident (but not arrogant) a great achiever with a spacious heart. My feet are planted firmly on the ground but that does not stop me from reaching for the stars, and the people around me always tell me that they don t normally meet people like me in their everyday life, which am always greatful to God for.. I keep fit by working out regularly and I enjoy talking a long walk and yoga, that is why I look much younger than my age.. Am understanding, open-hearted, great to be around with, and i like to be around people with great mind, positive thinkers and purposeful people.. I like listening to most types of music, sitting in bancony having a glass of wine or soft drink and some specialty cheese & crackers with a lovely chat or conversation to enjoy and appreciate all that moment has to offer. I love and respect kids, women and believe in a partnership. I m loyal, honest and have a great sense of humour,
communicative purposeful and focused. I can set aside enough quality time for my loved one, I can make you laugh 100 times a day, get real silly.. I am a lover of beauty, art and wonders of the earth, anything else you want to know, please feel free to ask,hope to read from u soon,bye
Hi xxx.... am very happy to read from u infact it realy make my day reading this ur long message honey i must confess it seems that u realy know what u are looking for here because i have meet a lot of men here they dont seems to acturtually no what they want here .... i have been hurt in this site because all the men i meet here dont seems to look for what am looking for here thet are just playing with my emotions that why am a little bit curious with the kind of man am contacting in this site.... and i ccan see with ur message and a little u have told me in the message u send about urself i can see that we share a lot in common and i will wish to meet u in person honey and i hope that come soon.....I am glad that you wrote me again and i really appreciate this long message of you and would really love to know you better as well and you will teach me how to speak German one day becouse i dont know how to speak German.....This will help us get to know each other much better and hope that when i ask you some questions,you will answer me honestly and with good intents of what we both seek on here.I am really serious with my intentions of meeting some real nice,caring,and has a good disposition to life that I can call my husband and who is going to complete me in life.I want a loving and lasting stable relationship with benefit with the right partner and especially i am seeking an lovely partner because i really have been burnt so many times by young men and realise they only want sex and take advantage of me been that i am always looking for someone to love and give all in my life.....and in the end get cheated.I also believe that age is nothing but a number and i think the differences do not mean that two people with connection/chemistry in a relationship wherever they might have met should not been hindered by these issues.I believe in this life that....whatever happens along a man s journey into this life is caused by fate and so one should grab the opportunity as it comes but once....who knows what happens next tomorrow as we just set knowing each other better despite we have a distance between us.......I will love to let you know that i am a down to earth person wityh the heart of gold and i know what i want in life and know how to get it especially when i have seen a good person in a man.I like to know much of you because you have shown me so much interest telling about you.I haven t met anyone on this website with great expressions of their life like you have done and it is a big turn on for me.So i think we will get along well with each other and hopefully meet someday as this is what my heart tells me and i am always following my heart.....I will also like to ask a few questions and they are as follow as this.......
Do you think distance,races,background and colour hinders a relationship between two persons that are connected?
How long have you been trying online dating and any luck yet?
How long have you been on the website Adult FriendFinder?ICan you travel to meet someone you meet online when you have established trust and build a solid relationship.
Would you like your dream woman come be with you if things work out?
do you have kids?wat religion are u practising?
xxx hope my questions is not too much for u honey.. i must confess u sound real and i will realy like to be serious with u hope u will not let me down this time again because i have been hurt many times that why i agree with what u said person need to be carefull on internet because there are lot of fake people here... please send me more picture of urself ok and ur phone number... and please let me tell u that am looking for a serious relationship from a man that will love me for whom i am no playing games and i will not mind to relocate any where i find true love hope it come soon... hope to read from u again,bye xxx
Kelly Tara Alonge
Hi xxx,how was work today hope it was fine, i send u a message yesterday hope u got my message am realy waiting to read from... xxx hope u believe that long distance relationship require constant communication moreso we are living miles away from eachorther hope to read from u soon,bye xxx
Hi xxx... good to read from u again, baby i think with what u said in ur message i can see that u are not intrested in me again but i thought i have meet a right man when u first reply my message but anyhow i which u best of luck in life,bye
Hi xxx it been long i read from hope no problem and how ur job hope everything is going on fine just to say hi ok.. take good care of urself,bye