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Hello, dear Janiek,

Thank you for giving me your mail-address. I am glad we are getting to
know each other. How are you? It is really not an easy thing to be
writing a letter to a person you have never met and I am a little
nervous and excited and if you notice a light blush on my cheeks and
me biting my lip a little , this is because I am nervous and excited
to meet you , but people say that blush look good on pretty girls?:)

People say that it is always easier to open a soul to a person you
have just met for the first time for a moment like people are meeting
in a train:)))) Do you often travel by trains?? I think there is
something very romantic about trains. So, let s pretend that by the
destiny s will we are meeting in a train and are getting acquainted:)
Probably now we need to get back to me blushing and biting a lip:) You
are introducing yourself and I answer simply and softly :" My name is
Anya" . Probably now you could answer something like" this is my
favourite name" or "a fortune teller has told me that my girlfriend
will be named like this", but you are a gentleman and not a womaniser
the same as I am a lady and not a coquette:)so you simply answer "Nice
to meet you" and shake my hand... Your hand is soft and comfortable
and I am looking into your eyes...

Eyes, I am always judging a person by eyes , because there are all the
answers to questions. I am searching for a pair of eyes I will be able
to be looking it for hours , for the pair of eyes I will be dissolving
it. I am looking for pair of hands I will be not willing to get out of
and I am looking a for a voice I will be able to be listening for
years. But the most important I am searching for a pair of tender
hands which I can trust my heart, I am ready to give my heart to a
person who is ready to treasure it.

It is a pity , we have not met in a train:)))))But I am really
interested in you and I would love to know you better
I will be waiting, yours Anya
Hello, dear Janiek,

Thank you for writing me. I was keeping my fingers crossed for you to
write me:)How are you ? How is your day going on?If you have written
me this means that you are still interested , right?:) Thank you for
your pics you are a very handsome man!I am very much interested in you
and I want to know the each detail about you. I understand that you
did not manage to find your special lady in Germany and you are
searching Internet for a long time. I am searching for love too. To my
mind love is like a fern , which is blossoming only in a proper time?
For many years I have been waiting for finding this fern. In our
history it is a magic thing, a very precious one and people are
loosing mind searching for it. I think love is a little similar to it.
You can loose your mind from loneliness. That is why I suggested you
to search for it together, we could imagine a warm summer night , calm
forest and us searching for the answers of the mysteries:) It sounds
nice , right?:)))

I work at the museum. I can tell you many amazing things about history
and mythology, especially Slavonic mythology:) I am a historian by
profession,I know many things about past about the customs and I
believe in old values, you can consider me a little old fashioned :)
but I believe that a woman should be a woman. I am tender , I am
loving , I am caring and I am strong in hard times. I am a woman!I
live in Ukraine town is named Pervomaisk. I am 28 years old born on
the 5th of June , which makes me a big girl, right?:)I have not
created an ideal Prince for me. I need a man who will capture my heart
and take me to him. I am the only child in a family , I live with my
parents. They are nice people and mom taught me cooking and many other
things. I am a great cook ,would you like to try?:)))

I have told you a little about myself and I hope it was interesting. I
have many more interesting stories to tell , but we have much time
ahead , right? You are lucky to know English, I do not know English at
all and I need to use the services of the Office or translations, but
in future I am going to learn English myself.

I will be waiting for your reply and pics impatiently. Yours Anya.