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Good evening xxx, How are you doing..well hope you are doing great out there...?This Matilda from aff well i really want to know more bout you and why you joined the site....also how long have you been there and what are you looking for..?I will like to hear from you and also wish i hard the mail right.. hope to hear from you very soon xxx..
Good Evening and how are you doing xxx..Hope you are doing great and sorry for the delay reply...well thanks for telling me all these about you and in fact looking for a kind man as you are to spend the rest of my life with..well just want to you know know i got your mail and don t that i don t want to reaply to it...i will tell you more about tomorrow and wish we can chat online..takle care and have a good night out there...

take care and see you then...
How are you doing, Let me start by saying my name ls Matilda Mensah I m Original from Tripoli Libya but currently living in West Africa Ghana..Well l was actually searching for a dating site online after my Friend gave me this site which I m sending you this message to know more about you..

I m 32 years of age and I m seeking for a man I can trust and be with for the rest of my life, I have no problem with your age Because I found you an Interests In you and I got really turned by It, I m sending you this message because I really enjoy reading your mails and I would really like Us to get to know about our selves..and also am happy to have i nice chance with you mailing through each other....

You are such a nice and Good looking man I mean my words..I guess You might be wondering why I m contacting you with distance between us..I m sorry for telling you how I feel about you straight forward after reading these mail about you..You can also take a tour to mine and read more about me and take a look at my picture as well..

Your mail sounds so reasonable and I d really love to know you a bit more about you better, l would like to spend some time with you together so that we can get to know each other well and see where It goes from there..

I m actually looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage,But first i will like to be friends then latter we see what goes on... If you think we seem to have a lot in common and you also found Interesting in me and wanted us to connect please let me know more and see where it can lead us to...

I am at a time in my life when I need love because I am not getting any younger at 32years and I want to get married and start a family so that I can be there for my Kids as much as I can.I have a dream of a good future with a loving husband and a happy home with beautiful children.I will like to be able to run a Good Business someday if necessary or better still be able to have my own private Shopping Mal where I will also work.

.I have no children but will be great full if I have some am very caring and loving. I am respectful and have good hope in life..I want a happy life and want to have a happy relationship which will end up in marriage day.. I know its God that gives Children...I want to have lifetime devotion and commitment to only one man. I really understand what love is.Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship that would become familiar with some particular spots.It s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.Love is blind but after experiencing it for a long time you should get to know the meaning of love..
As at now , I am looking for that Special Man , My Soul Mate , My Dream Lifetime Partner , My Best Friend , My Lover , My Companion , My Lord My King , My Future Husband and the Father of My Unborn Kids..

Really, what I truly want, no, what I need is for you to first be an honest and caring friend. Honest with yourself about what you re looking for and with me for the same darn thing!! I m seeking a connection with you that will grow into a deep, personal, comfortable and intimate, friendship. Honesty is huge for me, heck for us both, followed by the ever popular communication.
I am hoping to find a match who is intelligent and well-educated or not that well-educated, successful and accomplished, happy and fun to be with, loving and sensual, athletic and energetic, secured and emotionally, and with diverse interests. . .A man of style and substance, with a sharp wit and a warm heart. I am most impressed with Men who value knowledge. . .Men who are thoughtful and reflective, respectful and tolerant, with a high level of self-confidence. A history of success in long-term, stable relationships is a must. It is also important that my match has the time available to invest in building a solid relationship. Physical fitness, and a commitment to good health and nutrition is essential. Good looks matter very much to me, as chemistry is extremely important..

well all that i can say from now and hope you really get to know somethings about me...also this are some pictures of me and hope you like them a lot..also wish we can chat online and get to know each better baby..take care about your self and wish we can have a great time to each other...

From Matilda