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How are you doing today, Well i do not know how and where to start telling you about me....mmmmmmmm. Margaret single here I am about 5 ft 9 tall about 78 kg ,I have being living with my uncle and grand mum ever since I was 12 years old .I lost my parents at a early age.

I have been in here in my country for some years now, i only travel to some few new places when i was in high school. I can speak Fluent English, African Languages, and learning French and Spanish.

Life has not being easy for me since I became lonely and started a solo life but I now understand that in everything we should give thanks to God.I am now a Training nurse in which i will be a graduated Nurse in some weeks to come.

I am a poor single woman who has been hurt many times and will not allow anybody to hurt me again no matter how i am ..It has not been easy to find the right guy these days to date or even trust, thanks for your contact once again .

Any which way i am looking for a man who honest, loving, caring, sincere, passionate, affectionate, loyal, responsible, descents, committed and devoted to a woman, a man who is any part of the world, good sense of humor ,faithful, trust worthy understandable, and also God fearing.

I really like your picture and that let me know how handsome you are, i would love to meet you in person although we are far away from each other...I am single and looking for man who when i need his help will not turn on me I need a man who will not buy me with his money cos love is something we can not see neither can we touch.

Love is something we can feel deep inside our soul, body, heart and mind. Love is something very powerful.I know you are the kind of man i am looking for only if you will give me the chance and will not hurt me.I like playing at the beach , listening to music and watching movies.

Tell me more about yourself also, what you like games,movies,music and other interesting issues .What you do for a living , your parents,sisters,son/daughters,and everything about you.

Reply soon if you know i am the kind of woman you are looking for and i mean it i am not in for a game but remember my love for a man with all the good qualities will be a perfect love.

I like to enjoy the sea breeze , listen to music,and watch movies as well as talking to friends .Please send me more of your pictures
Hope to hear from you soon.