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Hello xxx,
thanks for the short mail and the id at the adultmatchfirm currently in ghana now working as a volunteer in an organisation(orphanage home,lighthouse for youth development ghana).i was in france to visit my auntie who happened to be looking for a job for me and God been so good ,she got me the job am doing now.
I love Ghana because: Everyone s very friendly,It s easy to eat cheaply from street sellers and it s quite yummy too,It s relatively safe compared to other African countries,Their local music, hiplife, is fab!,It s nice and warm…
My project is in the Eastern Region (about an hour or two from the capital) in the country s bead making area. It s really beautiful with lots of mountains around and farming going on. I managed to visit lots of areas in the region.
I managed to see elephants in Mole National Park in the north of the country, visited friends on the northern border and then did a trip to Cape Coast to learn about the slave trade and walk along a rain forest canopy at Kakum national park. Definitely not to be missed!right now i am still in cape coast
The orphanage has about 35 children at a time (although there are over 150 other children in the community who need somewhere to stay as well) between the ages of 4 and 16.
My job is to help the orphanage with some admin for fundraising and cooking for the children as well as helping them study for their exams. When all that is done, there was time for playing.The boys love football, whilst the girls were more interested in singing and talking - be prepared to be asked some very odd questions!
I had no experience with children before I went to Ghana and it s really helped me to relax and enjoy working with them. You couldn t work with a nicer bunch of kids. They re so grateful to be in the home with all their brothers and sisters and glad for a volunteer even to know their names let alone play with them!
It s been a totally eye-opening experience seeing first-hand what some of the children had to go through and if all i do as a volunteer is to make the children smile then I reckon am doing a good job.
During the orientation we stayed in a youth hostel, which was a great way to make friends with other volunteers from all over the world.
I live with a Ghanaian family, it is an amazing experience. I have my own room and i cook breakfast and dinner (which I m sure was always double portions!).
At the beginning I used a bucket to shower (surprisingly refreshing), but now, the family had go to the trouble of building a western shower and toilet for me and future volunteers which was very cool of them.
A home stay might seem daunting, but it s the best way to feel at ease in a new country. I was able to taste all sorts of foods, meet lots of different people and experience things like going to an African church in my best Ghanaian clothes! i worship at I.C.G.C [INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL GOSPEL CHURCH. I liked the fact that I knew what orphanage I was going to since my auntie had told me earlier and where I would be staying before I left the state. I was really last minute in deciding where i wanted to go but my auntie managed to work it out for me in time.
i would like to end here and waiting anxiously for your reply.attached are some pictures for you and hope you like them.have a good weekend.

hugs and smile,

Hello xxx,
thanks for the reply and the compliment.i was waiting for your really seem to be a nice man and i would like to get to know new to this online dating.let me tell you something about my about myself.Am miriam banks,born and raised in the united states,colorado to be precise my mum is an american and my dad an african but he is late now. I absolutely adore children and can t wait to have some of my own. I recently got out of a 3 years relationship...engaged for 2yrs. We were together since high school and grew apart along the way. As adults we found we wanted different things out of life...different futures for ourselves.
I know what I want in life and am looking for a great man to share it with. I am looking for a stable man who has his life together and is looking for something serious as you also seek.i would love to meet you but i think we have to get to atleast a little about ourselves before meeting up.will send you my phone number so that we can atleast talk on the phone for the first time.thanks also for the pictures,they are tell me,how is your weekend going?waiting anxiously for your reply.hugs and kisses.Miriam