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dear one
am glad you replied me with gratitude , iam very registered nurse working in hospital here in cote d voire abidjan city, but am from gambia banjul, am 29years of age and i have no children and my dream is to get marriage someone older than me because they are the people with maturity, kissing , cuddling and touching is part of lovely life and i love that from my partner so that does not bothers me but makes me feel good on your side...
i live in abidjan city for the past 5yrs and i am fed up of men here cheating on women that is why i joined the site today and am glad you responded, am very open person to all, so you can discuss all with me , i love children and love to have my own children so if you have the same dream then i believe we are in the right path, how comes since 3yrs on dating site you has not gotten anyone, have dated an african girl in the internet before ? and if you had , how does it end up? for me i can promise you one thing am faithful and honest and wantsd you to do the same with me...
my real name is evelyne beugre gullaine but you can call me Eve....i live alone , sometimes am lonely am happy we have meet.age has no influence on me when it comes to lifetime commitement...and recolating to germany will be no problem with but all i need is someone sincere , faithful and honest...sorry but i cannot open the picture you sent me so it will be good if you can send it again..hope to hear from you soon
huge and kisss
dear one
i forgot to tell you my height and 1.76cm and is my phone number at work 00225 22 42 55 98 and at mobile is 00225 05 09 59 00, you can send me text message on my mobile anytime and i will reply you...kiss
thanks for the replied...i hope we can bulid up good relationship because you seems to have the same objectives like me and am read to pay you a visit so that we can meet real and know what each other wants,yes , i was born in gambia not cote d ivoire ...and looking at your pictures it seems you are the missing one am looking for, i know is too early to say rubbish but your words makes me feel am in the right direction and i believe you have the same feelings towards me...i may be every dream to ecah man in germany but am your dream now so makes it comes true , i will accept to visit you with pleasure and happiness!!!
i will glad working there if i found out that we are meant together why not!!! and am looking for just one person and it seems you are the person that worth for me so i believe it will work out good, so waht do you about getting yahoo messenger so that we can chat more and makes our plans together!!! and dont forget to involve your mobile number so that i can sms you anytime i miss till we meet...i love to work because i dont like living the man to bring food all the time, i love to contribute as well, am easy to live with because am hard working and respectful , i love camping and fishing, music and poems
is fun to live with someone like me because you will never get boiled with life when you are with me , love to hear from you today and hopeful your mobile number so that i can send you message and you can send me too till we meet , because i really believe we can why not!!!
i know is early but can you stop going to dating site from now on? because i want to do the same , there are things i forget to tell you, i don t drink, i don t smoke, i don t do drugs, i don t gamble as well, so am glad you don t also, i am on holidays for almost 1 and 2 weeks so if you are serious in seeing me then let me know and we will work together to make our dreams comes true and you are free to ask me what ever question that is bothering you, i need more emails from you so if i write 2emails please read it careful and respond me well and i will do the same thank you and kisss
dear one
i really dont know whether you are serious about me !!! because most of your words doesnot seems you are ready for a relationship, i gave you my number and working place number without thinking about cost and i never ask you to call me , hence i should be the one to do that but it seems you are not serious as am so let me know exactly waht is your mind and lets know what to do!!! am on holiday so we can plan together and i will visit you and see how things goes but be honest with me because am 100%faithful with you, if is just internet games then am not interested because i really want the man on the picture and the man that wrote me just now....
are you angry with me ?
you have to be careful but am honest and i can prove you that if you can yahoo messenger , i can on my cam and you who am i, am very simple someone without problem