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Hello my new friend xxx!!! I am very glad to receive a
letter from you! I really did not expect that you respond to my letter
on the site! And now it is very pleasant for me that my profile
interest you, willow, write me a letter! xxx, I hope that we
can begin our acquaintance! :)))) I tell you beforehand that I write
you from Internet - cafe, I do not have a home or internet, no
computer! And so I can not answer you immediately to your email. )))
In addition, I first use a computer and the Internet, and I apologize
for my mistakes. But I think that it would not interfere with our
communication! I live in the beautiful city of Omsk. xxx,
My friend, I apologized that I write another city in my profile. I
enter the city at the site, but I did not pass the security system. I
have no choice but to enter the foreign city, to register on the site
!xxx, I think you will understand me correctly.
xxx, I hope that this is a great distance between us should
not deter our acquaintance. Do you agree with me?? I think that you
want to learn much more about me, and I will now talk about me! My
name Natalya, my age 27 years. I born September 17, 1972. I have a
slender figure, black hair and brown eyes. My height is 171 cm, weight
58 kg. My favorite color - red, my favorite flowers - roses. I really
love these flowers! I live in Russia, in a very nice city of Omsk. I
lead an active life, and I do not have a harmful habits! I never smoke
cigarettes, and do not drink alcohol! I drink a little wine during the
holiday. I graduate from high school 11 classes. Then I went to study
at the Pedagogical Institute to become a teacher. After graduation, I
get a job in downtown Omsk primary school teachers. Tell me about your
work, their hobbies, how do you spend your spare time? I m curious to
know more about you lot, I want to know that you are not against
friendship with me? Now I tell you about my hobbies: I love sports,
especially gymnastics and swimming. I love to dance! In my spare time
I attend a gym and swimming pool. In my childhood I have a lot of good
athletic performance. However, when I learn I had much spare time to
give knowledge. during my studies, I not have a lot of free time and I
am not able to constantly visit a gym. But now when I work, I go to
the gym, in order to maintain its shape in good shape! I really enjoy
cooking and I love Russian cuisine. I think the fact that Russian
cuisine is one of the delicious in the world! I know how to cook many
different dishes, but most of all I love to cook dumplings. This dish
consists of dough and meat. meat must be wrapped in dough and cooked
in broth. This dish is very tasty! :) I really love nature. In my
spare time I love to walk in the park and forest. I have a cat, whose
name Murka. I really love reading books about love and detectives. I
go to the cinema and the theater. Now I want to tell about their work.
I work as a teacher of junior classes. I am a teacher of Russian
language and literature, and I was a classroom teacher. I love my
school, I love children! I have a dream that everyone loved children!
I work in a school for many years, and I love my job! I have a nice
group to work, and where I am respected. Even kids like me!))) My
salary is $ 300. For Russia, this is good money, and enough to live.
But I think that money is not important in life. I live with my
mother. My father died several years ago in a car accident .:((( I
will not write to you about this because I am very sad and painful
!:((( I hope you will understand me? "My mother is against what I look
for her husband Online! Mama says that the network a lot of bad
people. My mother loves me, she wished for me the best. I hope you
understand the fears of my mother? "I do not have any brothers or
sisters." I am an only child. My mother had already 67 years old and
she is retired. My new friend xxx, I just ask you to tell
about myself as there is much that we can become better acquainted and
know each other more! I study English at school and at the Institute,
I also attend courses in English. And I can speak a little German. I
hope you understand my English. I assume that the first letter, I told
a lot about myself. I hope that you write me a lot about yourself! My
new friend xxx, tell a lot about myself. In addition, I send
you my photo, I hope you like it. I hope !!!))) Now I ll wait
impatiently for your response to my letter! I send you greetings! Your
new friend Natalya
Hello my new friend xxx! I am very glad that you respond to my
letter! how are you doing? what kind of weather you have today?
xxx, You wrote I really wrote the great and very
interesting letter! Thank you! I am delighted to learn more about
yourself and about your life! xxx, In this letter, I think
to tell you a little about the city and the country where I live. I
think what you would be interested. I hope that in your letter, I too
can learn more about your city. For me is very interesting to learn
about your town and how people live abroad. I would gladly like to go
to another country, look at the city, get acquainted with the
traditions of other countries! So, as I said, I live in the city of
Omsk. Omsk - a very beautiful city. Omsk was founded in 1716. This is
an old and beautiful city. I love to walk in his parks and boulevards.
Omsk in a lot of architectural monuments, it is simply magnificent.
The capital of Russia is Moscow. Moscow is very big and beautiful
city. Moscow multicultural city. But still go back to my city:))) My
city is on the southern part of the West Siberian Plain. Winter is
very cold! This year the temperature dropped to -46. Population of
1,138,822 people. The area of the city of 572,9 square. km. My friend
xxx, I apologize for my short letter. My mom is waiting for me
at home, and I do not want it to greatly worried me. I look forward to
wait for your letter. Have a good day. Natalya
Hello my friend xxx! I am very glad that you reply to my
letter! "I am so glad that you write me !!!:))) How are you today??
what weather do you have?? My friend xxx, I am very interested
to read your letter. I am very interested to know about you a lot! I m
sorry that I can not answer you more quickly, as I write you from
internet cafes, if I have a computer at home, we talk to you much
more! I am very glad that the Internet has found a good man like you,
xxx! In this letter, I want to tell you more
about my family. I hope that you will be interested to know, and you
write me about their parents! As you already know, I live with my
mother. My mother worries a lot about me. My mother is very afraid for
me now, as I turned to online search. My mom has these fears because
of the TV broadcast as Russian girls meet on the Internet, go abroad,
to meet them criminals and make them work as prostitutes. Thus, my
mother is very worried about me. I am convinced that you xxx -
an honest and good man! I think and hope that you do not play me. I m
sorry for what in our world so much fraud and lies and deceit! I never
let anyone deceive anyone ever do bad, I believe in God, and cheating
is a sin! God must punish people who make hoax! fraud, hatred and envy
- the worst qualities of the people! I think you will agree with me.
Yesterday I talked a lot about you to my mother, I have to say that we
are in touch with you. I tell your mother that you are very
interesting to communicate, we there are many common interests, I tell
my mother what we each letter to know each other, I think that my
mother no longer cares much for me in shortly and will take you
xxx to their friends. It would be great if you xxx to
write me about your family, parents, friends and why you are looking
for love through the Internet. As your loved ones treat me? I m sorry
that my father died in a car accident a few years ago: (((I miss my
father: (((if he is not dead, I would correct all the mistakes in his
time. He loved me and all taught. My father always took me to the
forest and fishing. Now he is gone, we with my mother is very poorly
without him, I love my parents when I think about my father, I mourn
and weep.: (((I hear many cases where girls meet people from other
countries. They write that they love and want to meet, but they needed
only money, this is bad - very bad! I m a good girl and did not want
to do the trick, I am looking for a loved one for serious
relationship. I hate those people who are willing to do for the money
illusion, and play with people s feelings! "These people interfere
with the good, good people to create a family, I hope that you
understand me correctly xxx! I ve lived a lot, but unfortunately
did not find his loved one ... But I hope that I will soon find its
!!!:))) I think that the essence of a happy life as husband and his
wife is one of trust and understanding, I think that without trust and
understanding a happy life will be impossible, because people will not
understand each other. It is my hope that you misunderstand me! I
therefore appeal more to write to each other, so that we can learn
more about each other, and our communication was all very interesting!
At this point I want to finish my letter to you, I ll wait for your
answer! I wish you success and good day! Natalya
Hello my friend xxx!!! I m glad to get your letter to me! To
me it is nice to read your interesting letter! I hope that your things
go well?? xxx to my letter
to you, I will about the Russian traditions and ceremonies a little
tell. I will tell you that I hope the Russian traditions and
ceremonies and I am very interesting to me are that it will be
interesting to you, they know! I hope that need to fall through your
letter to me you tell me about the holidays and ceremonies that is in
your country! I will be very interesting to hear it, but I never was
abroad and I wanted to learn about the culture and the everyday life
of the people your country very! xxx You know about the
great Russian Christian holiday of carnival week not? Then, I will
tell you about the Pancake week! I hope that you will be interesting
to find out!! On the eve of Spring marked a fun holiday - the carnival
week. She is still known by the pagan holiday of the time as to the
lines of winter and the meeting of Spring. The Church has combined the
carnival week on the eve of the big post, so the dates of their
celebration in different ways: from the end of January - the
beginnings of February until the end of February - the beginnings of
March, according to the old style. During this time, the snow cover on
the still-thick layer of earth, but all are issued the cheerful sunny
days more often. The name of the holiday - the "Carnival Week" - is
not by chance. In the religious books say the carnival week, "the
Cheese of the week" because it is not allowed in the final week before
the item has to eat the meat! It could be the dairy products: the
cheese, were the eggs, including the oil, which poured the pancakes -
the main festive platter abundant, yet under the ban. xxx, I
love very much the pancakes and constantly do I prepare the pancakes!
The great job with the Christians when they do not apply to the food,
the meat, fish and milk may be! The carnival week is to come to us
from our faith distant ancestors. The first day of the meeting was the
goddess of spring - celebrated Vesta. And after Vesta has arrived,
along with her was already one the goddess of winter - to accompany
the moraine also possible, the scarecrow on the second day of
celebration of carnival week was burned. My friend, I hope, what is it
you interesting, and you read it all you understand? On the day of the
meeting Vesta, the names of the girls were released to the age of the
intimate have reached maturity and now could have been chosen and the
brides to be with the groom, and they called vestalka. In the rest, on
this occasion is also another opinion: vesta or vestalka called the
girl at the age of seven years and up to the intimate maturity, after
which they could be elected with the groom and the brides to be. That
the intimate maturity is inaccurate, I expect that in the ancient
times and all the girl was right was entitled to enter into intimate
relations until the end of the marriage. I really did not it nice that
it is now much more girls and young men to enter into the intimate
relationships in early age. I think that it is not right! In Russia,
unless the crime is still a problem in that it that the children begin
to lead the intimate life and to learn about sex in early age. It can
approximately aged 13-14 years and start it very badly! I think that
in your country is no such problem! In the celebration of carnival
week and in the old days it was usual to go to the friend of a friend
as a guest. Like the majority of ancient Russian holidays, beinhielt
the carnival week, the elements of the cults of worship the spirits of
the ancestors, so closed in this holiday hosting not only the pancakes
(by the way I understand and I love to prepare the pancakes! In the
pan put a thin layer of the exam (the paste) and is up to the
willingness fried! This beautiful Russian !:)))), plate symbolizing
the sun, but also to remember the hospitality that the fish (I know I
locked a lot of traditional plates from the fish, for example, the ear
is a fish soup. him prepare the fishermen mainly!). How do you -
already know when I was little, my father often took me with him to
catch the fish. My father loved to do it. Although I was very small, I
remember the good time award. walk to the end of the second day of
celebration was still, the custom has gradually formed in this evening
to ask the friend at the friend for forgiveness for the offense
caused, as the majority of celebrating each other in the next time
already only in autumn could meet. In the rest, according to some
ancient calendar began the new year just after the date of
Fruehlingstagungnachtgleiche, in this case such a custom with the
endeavor was due to enter the new year without charge on the previous
insults and bad deeds. My friend, I hope me and tell me what you
understand you interesting? I am writing about all that because my mom
and I in the God we Christians believe. I hope, what will our traffic
does not disturb? My mom is also constantly in the church and prayed
to the God! xxx How you concern to the religion?? Moreover,
were described by the special vibration church holidays - the
Christmas, Easter, Baptism, the transformation, Assumption, the
Pentecost. In those days not falling silent, the bells hummed hundred
churches. Accompanied by the choirs themselves led the church
processions. The elegantly dressed Staedter went to church services.
In rich houses the noisy feasts were held. All holidays are
accompanied by the liberal distribution of alms many destitute. My
friend, I hope, whatever it was you it is very interesting to read
it?? I am writing about all that because I think, that you shall know
my culture! I ask you too, you tell me about your holidays to which
you refer in your country and you expect for the traditions. I feel it
all very interesting to know, because you re interesting to me to me
very interesting how the people live in your country! I will wait for
your answer and I would hope it was interesting to you to read it!
I ll wish you success! Natalya your girlfriend!