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hello love
i am so happy to read from you i have sent you a mail on aff and now i
am sending you this agin but first i will like to confirm if this is
your real email address before going any further
i will also like to know if you have a messenger addres over at yahoo
so that we can get to chat and know each other alot better
i hope that i read from you some more
hello my love
Dear janiek
i am so happy you could write to so fast well i will say to you too
that i have never being married before and i have no kids too but
every woman dream in life is to have this tat why i am on aff
i am looking for my Mr right also and i am feeling so strong about
this i mean about mean and you look so cute and have alot off
qualities that i like already
writing to eachother over mail is good but i still thing if you can
download a yahoo messenger and get a yahoo account too so we can get
to chat and talk messenger address is
well i have also sent in some pics off me and i really do hope that
you get to like them so much i would have sent you also some nude pics
off me but i just dont have that for now i hope you not angry at me
now for this
well for now i work as a office assistant in a small firm and i have
just moved in to Lagos Nigeria not more than 6months ago i
really dont have friends hear...i have never traveld before so i dont
know how it looks like at the offshores of another country and more
over i dont known the neccassry requirements for this also and
i think you are a very good man and i think that we can have a future
together too but just like you have just said if we want this it has
to be in the real and not just over some internet ....i have nevr
being on dating sites before so i am still new to this and i hpe that
this can work out if we put our minds to it ....

let me tell you about my past too

i am a 23years old girl working
as a office assistant in a small firm her in lagos .my father is late
and my mother is back in the village with my younger once ,i have two
sisters back in the village to i am the first child off my parents
i just moved in to Lagos when my father died some 8months ago and we
where finding thing very hard even to get food to eat then my uncle
came and got me this job hear in lagos in which i still do but the
annoying part was that my uncle wanted to also have sexy with me then
i moved off his house and now i stay in a one room apartment alone
i am the lead singer of my church choirs so you should know that i
like to sing alot ....i joined aff in search off the man off my dreams
where we can live happily ever after all the rest off our lives
i have had a couple off heart break back in the past where my ex boy
friend was sleeping around with my friends and the one that pain me the
most is when i caught him sleeping with my best friend so we broke up
and then i made up my mind to look for love else where and look that i
can find a matured minded man to be the man off my life that why i am
on aff today and as soon as i get this i will close off my account out
well i think that Little about me too and if you like to know more you
can ask me anything you want

i really do hope that you will be able to open the yahoo account and
then you can send me your messenger address so .....well i hope that
in your next mail you can tell me on what happened between you and the
last woman you met on the internet why it did not egt to work out
between the two off you ....ohh i have not mentioned that age is just
a number and i really dont see that a a problem for me and i am happy
that is not a problem for you too
well looking to read rom you sometimes soon
hello thank you once ain for the mail yu have esent to me at this
point i time i really do understand yu if you dont want to have chat
for reason left knwo to you i think this will also be a very good way
off communicating with eact other by mail i mean

i will see what i can do about getting you some nude pics off me as i
dnt have any off these at the moment and if i had a camera i would
have taken this all by my self too so now i guess i have to go to the
studio to do this you know i have never had any kind off relationship
over the internet before you i really do hope that you understand this

i also know its very hard to get a seriose relationship out hear on
the internet but i think that we can do this if we can learn to be
honest and have trust in eachother then i think that every other thing
will work out in perfect place

i really find it verty intresting also that you are a singer too but
hear in africa i have to pratice every day off the week that 7days a
week and i forget to tell you that i am also the lead singer off you
choire at the church so alot is expected off me

well i will like to ask you some private question and i will liek to
know ht you have in mind so i like to knwo if yu have ever had sex
with a black before as for me i have never had sex with a white man

i will also like to know hwne last you had sex ?as for me i have not
had sex in like forever since i broke up with my ex boyfriend before i
moved in to lagis that making up to almost 16months now well that a
very long time i know but i need to have this with the perfect man
that really loves and cares for me and not just aman that want to get
into my panties and move on to another woman

talking about relocation to yu i have alwaz wanted to enetr a plan all
my life and this will be my big opportunity to do this so i think i
will be verty happy if you are going to be willing to welcome me into
your home to e your wife and to be the mother off your children too

and every man needs a woman just like every woman needs a man so i
think we should be good to eachother and lets make our little found
love grow into a very big relationship
i have to go get some sleep now as i have to be up early to start
going to church early in the morning

i wish you a nice night rest and hope you have lovely dreams about me
as i will sure have nice swet dream about you as i have being thing on
your cock since i set my eyes on it i really looks nice and sexy i
wish i could just slide ip up my pussy now

i hope you dnt mind iff i can name your cock as i see that as a nice
thing but if you dont like it then i dont

hope to read from you soon

oladoyin coker
hello my love
how are you doing and i am sorry that i take so much time today to
reply you back in your mail i was very busy at the church as we alwaz
have long hours off sevice all the time on sundays but i am still very
happy that i am reading such a very lovely and nice mail from you

i am happy that you are also not the type off man that gose out having
sex with prostiute up and down so then i guess i will be free to have
sex with you with out using condoms and then we can be able to have
lots off kids in very short time

talking about sex i guess we have that too in common so this makes it
two thing that we both have in common so you see that we are making a
very fast heavey move ahead .....i have not had sex in since too but i
sure do like to have oral sex and then i will also like to trt anul
sex too as i have never tried that too in all my life i once tried to
do this but it was very painfull so i told my ex boyfriend that i
could not bear the pain

but then when i told jy friends about this they told me that it was
becos that he did not apply grease on it that why it pained me that
much so now i thing if you willing tryng this with me i thing i have
some experince on that too now even if i have not done this before

so hope you had a very lovely sunday today and you thing about me as i
sure do thing about you all the time and i will really like to be
with you in your hands all the time to sleep and wake up right next
to you is my dream in life every since i meet you

well i hope that i can read from you tomorrow as i am all the time
very happy reading from you all the time ..i will like to know if you
still on aff as i am planing on closing up my profile in aff so what
you think about this ....

i have to stop hera and i look to read from you
love you and think so much on you
your baby
hello baby
i am sorry that i did not mention anything on your pics as i just
gaved my eye on it once again and i really found it intresting too and
i really lik it i must confuse that its really a very big cock you
have and i like them big too

you did not also talk about m egive this big cock off your a name as i
have a name in mind right about niw but i wait to know if you like

your baby
hello my love
thank you again for the mail an i am so happy to read fromm you and i hav not any passport or even a visa as i have never travekd before any where aprat from going to the village and being hear in lagos but i can ask around hear also and see what it takes to become all these from people around me and maybe even my pastor in church when i get to church tomorrow and then we know the neccesarry procedure to take to get all these done as soon as possible i will get the back to you tomorrow when i get info about this
well talking about having anul sex i will sure do like to have this so much with you at this point in time and i havbe dremt off having this in recent times ever since i have lost my ex boyfriend and you should know that after nt having sex in a very long time for now my sex drive is now getting very high for now but that is no problem as long as i see us being to get in the near future
well i was thinking on giving your cock a nick name like LOLLY POP but i think also that pimmel is also good and i can get to like it but i just dont know what that means thats why i dont like that so much for now i will like you to also give my pussy also a nick name now so we can have this words as our private talk and not get to raw in front off other people
well i also want you to know that i really think so much off you alot and you are alwaz on my mind it just lik i have known you all my life and i bet when we meet we can make a very good husdand and wife dont you think so i juust say now that i wish you have a very lovel time at the party and say my that i think off pimmel sliding insite my pussy in a very short time i hope and i want to read from you also as it gives me a grate deal off joy to do that
love you and have a nice night
hello love
thank you for the mail and i am no happy that you mail me and i am
sory that you have a very cold wether there we also have the same hear
and i guess that you have to work less so that you dont have to stress
yourself too much so talking again about the wether i wish i can be
there for you when you are in need off me to hold your hand and hold
you tight at night when yu want to sleep to wake up next to you in the
morning to give you a kiss whn you wake up in the morning and to also
give you one when you are oing to work also
i think i will prefer to call your cock pimmel as i would like to
learn how to speck germam also and with time i know that i will be
able to do this also with yur help and then also muschi is also nice
as its is also a germen name too and i like german words lolololo even
if i dont know them yet .......
i have being abe to go out and look for a way to get some nude pics
off me for you and i have being able to get some at the photo studio
so will be getting this pics back by friday that in two days time so
look to have my pics by then
i also spoke to my pastor and they have being able to introduce me to
a travel agency that can help in getting a visa me to come to you in
german i have also ready send them a mail now and maybe they will mail
you or better if you can mail them as i have there contact info which

PHONE NUMBER +23408061187600 +012132662

baby i have to stop now as i am at the office at the moment and i knwo
you are also at work now so i want to say that you have a nice time at
the office and take care off your self and also pimmel for me and i
love you and think so much about you and should incase if you dont
get anymail from the travel agency maybe you should try and mail them
but i have send them your email address so i a guessing that they will
send you a mail
take care love
and stay blessed
love you
your baby
hello love
i can see that you have a mail from the travel agency ..and you have
also replied then well you are doing fine and i miss reading from you
so much you just send me a mail from the agency alone and i dont think
that fine with me as i was hoping to read how your day went along
today i hope all is fine with you and i hope that you can mail me a
long and nice and romantic mail also love you with all my life body
and soul
your my prince in shing armor
hello love
how are you doing and i hope that all is fine wit you and i hope also
that you are doing fine i have being hell worried about you for some
time now since i have not read a single mail fom yu i hope that all is
fine with you and you are doing good and cool
i love you and think about you all the time i hope and look that i can
get a mail from you as soon as you read this mail so i have rest off
and i have the pics hear i took off my nude body too
pls try and mail me so i have a rest in my mind
hello prince
hello love i am sp happy to be read this mail from you and i have sent
you some pics and i hope that you like them as i went true hell
getting this pics last night and really cost me as its illegal to take
nude pics and then they think one is a prostitute
well enough off that i have really missed you and i am now very happy
reading from you as its making my heart skip and i have smile all over
my mouth now ohhh i wish that you can see me right now to see how
happy that i am now
hope you can mail me and i have also got a mail from the travel agency
now and i am going to there office on Monday as they say that i should
bring in my passport pictures and also that i have to make some paper
works and sigh too
i hope that you can mail me when you get this mail with my pics and
tell me what you feel off the pics lolololololol i hope that you like
them anyway
I love you so much and i think alot off you and i know we make a happy
couple together you my prince in shining armore
your black beauty
>From the very first moment I saw you I knew that we were destined to
be together. It has been so long since a man has captured my attention
so fully or made my heart beat the way it did that cool day in May.
Your smile lights up my entire spirit. Your laughter fills me with
joy, and your mere presence will warm any room. I have no doubt you
are the man Heaven has made especially for me.

Thank you for the comfortable conversations and for asking me to be
yours. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your love and wanting
to make me your wife. No matter how slowly or at what distance our
courtship developes, I know standing before God and our future family,
vowing to be your partner for life, was the easiest decision I could
have ever made.

Each day that passes makes our love for each other grow stronger.
Although I know it’s hard for us to be apart, I know there is nothing
that can keep us apart forever. Our desires will continue to stretch
across any distance, over every mountain and ocean between us. Nothing
can stand between us, and nothing will stop me from meeting you.

You are my future and nothing can ever keep us from our destiny. I
miss you more every day. I am here with open arms where you will some
day finally arrive... right where you belong.

I wish I didn t have to miss you. If only you could be with me always.
I know I could never be any happier. But then again, I know that the
day will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with
you. I even miss you when I am sleeping!

I love you, babe. You are my real and my only love, and I thank you
for be so kind with my heart. Hopefully, soon I won t have to hate
missing you.

What a wonderful beginning to a new year! It began late in the
previous year -- me finding you, chatting online, confessing my love,
and then it happens all over again. The feelings that I’ve felt for
you all along begin to resurface. Only this time, I am free to act on
them without fear of upsetting anyone.

Thank you, Rolf. What more can a man say to the woman who opened her
heart to him, allowing him to feel the warmth of her love across the
great distance that separates them? You truly have no idea what I feel
for you.

I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. This feeling
of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a
sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about. As the
days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never
thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right
now. Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the
realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul,
the very reason for my existence.

I have no other words to describe the way you make me feel. No words,
no actions could even come close. I believe that romeo said it to
juliet , "I more than love you". Their love was a strong love,
surviving everything, even death. I believe that even after his
passing, romeo and Juliet love for her raining down upon her. That is
why she has always seemed at peace after the death of such a truly
loving husband. That is the love that I feel for you.

hello my prince
i am so happy that you have mail me now baby and i am also happy that
you love my pics tooo and i am most happy that we can get to be
togerther in some few weeks time
i did not know the pics i got you where small as they appear big on my
side hear so i am very sorry if you had to look closely i will look
that i can go back to the photo-studio an complain about this and then
i see what they have in mind for me after i must have being back from
the travel agency
so tell me what your plan is for tomorrow and what you be doing too
all day long i hope you sure be going to church and hope you pray for
me too .lololololol i sure will pray for you and you know what i pray
about ..i tell God to make you the perfect man for me to love and to
cherish all my life and i know the lord will answer my prays also
i have to stiop hear now and i look that you ca read a mail from you
when i get back from your church
oladoyin coker
your african queen
hello baby
how are you doing and i hope that you are having a nice time i was
hoping that i could read a mail from you today but i dont have this
and makes me not too happy
but i know maybe you are alittle busy over there with one work or the
other and maybe i still get a mail from you later today i hope so
so how was your day and did you go to church today did you pray for me
and have you got the answer yet
i have to stop now and i also sit by my computer and hope that i read
from you so i can have a nice dream
oladoyin coker
your black beauty
hello baby
i wish you can see me jumping high up now to have being reading this
mail from you i am so filled with joy as its hs become a very nice
part off me to read from you at least once a day its really cool to do
this and if i had my way i will just like to read from you over and
over again all day long

i really think its a good thing that you dont have so much bad thing
happing in your town there so you dont have to feel bad over this at
all is a very good thing i guess

ohh did i forget to tell you that i ma very good in cooking if yes
then i think that my bad ....lololololol i will sure put the other
home wifes off your colgues to make them jelose off yu knowing the
fact that you have a very lovely looking wife and moreover she can
cook also but that is just for the african food i say ,,,,,, but not
to worry i am a vry fst learner and i think i learn how to cook german
food in no time and even learn how to speck this also

hummmm i think also this is a good news knowing that you will be
having holiday as i think you need to rest for you work too much
..lolololololol i really just had this is my mind maybe we can get
thie visa done before then we never can say the we can be home
together all thtu your holiday and then we can have fun and make lots
off love also ...wowow that a very sweet thing to think about

i love you so much and think so much sweat thing about you all the
time you my love and my prince
your black beauty
hello love
how are you doing and i am so happy to know that you send me this mail
now i have smile all over my face again lololololol i am sure that we
are going to make a happy couple together inshort i think we be alot
more happier than the most happiest coupls in the world lololololol
i have being able to submite my passport photogragh to the travel
agency and i met with Mr johnson him self he said he was having
problems making you understand that he is tha manager off the company
but he said he was going to mail you his internation passport so you
know so i guess he must have done this by now
when i got to the travel agency it was not so much off a big place put
i think he will be up to the task in securing me the visa there where
alot off people there and i was given a number to wait upon which was
number 14 so then after a couple one mins my number was called upon
and i then walked into the office sat down and i great him so he asked
for my passport photogragh and i gave this to him and he then gave me
a form to fill which i intend did and i sighed below and then he told
me he was going to carry on with the preparation on Wednesday morning
as he would be going to the passport office by then
He also made me understand that he i the owner of the firm hand he
handles all that gose on in the firm so i will say that he is a good
man and also a christian by religion so i think he is to be trusted
and i also so white men coming in the with there wives wanting to
acquire visa for then or there about so i know and will conclude that
he is the right man for the job so i look that we can get sparted by
first ting on Wednesday has h says that he has to be at the pasport
office before 10am african time and i should urge you to carry on with
the payments
well tlking about ather things how are you doing there hope you have
started to warm up pimmel for a very long marathone sex hope he can
stand the long sex time as i like to have long sex with you so much i
have also taken another naked pics and they say i can come back to
take them in 3days tiime which will be on Thursday night so i want yu
to look forward to seeing a hot sex pic from me by then as i told them
to make the screen resolution clear
i will have to stop hear now and i look that you can make peace and
one accord with Mr Johnson for my sake baby as i know for sure he is a
good man
love you so much
your black beauty
and your black pearl
hello baby
how are you going this morning and hope that you have reached an
accord with Mr johnson i hope you mail me with more information he
says he is going to the immigration tomorrow
well how is work with yu and hop you have a wonderful wether there and
i am sure missing and thing of you so much
love you lots
your black pearl
hello baby
how are you this night i dont know what is going on right now with you
as i dont understand where you get that from i am not so happy and on
the other hand why shuld you forward this kind off mail over to andrew
its something we chould have setteled on our own privately
well if you should know ROLF is a african word used by the hausa
culture to say LOVE i would never do something like this and if you
should know i have not being to aff ver since i met you on there so
you can know that i deeply love you so much
i dont know why you say this to me if feel very sad now and i am a
born christian and woild never go into fetish things
i dont know why i would have something like that in mind i have nevr
and would never
well i hope that you find a place in your heart to forgive me if you
think this as the other way but you should know that its not
is rolf a name in german ?
i love to read from you
love you
your black beauty
you are raining abuses on me now why on earth are yiu still mailng me
as i know God knows my heart and soul and i mean no harm to you
....ROLF IS A WAY OFF SAYING LOVE IN AFRICA and if you don t believe
me then i best say you d want you want and i wish you happy life and
you find the woman off your dreams
i still care for you
hope we can still be friend as i see that you don t want to believe me
on anything i say i real meant no harm to you and i don t know why you
will think that i am after your money or so what so ever
you can insult me and abuse me in any way you want but i want you to
leave Mr Johnson out off this he is an innocent gentle man try to help
hope we still can be friends
with love
your black beauty
hello love i really wonder how you can just forget about me just like that with out saying a word know you accused me wrongly just for showing you so much love i hope you are doing great and fine i miss you and will like to read from you so much and i want you to stil know that i care so much for you alot in my mind

i hope you sleep well this night and know that i love you so much i go to bed now and have sweet dreams about you this night with all the love from my heart
your black pearl
ohh its not like you say it is i knw you still feel for me and i dont
plan anything with anoy boby i just dont know what happened

love you
no that not what happened i never knew Mr johnson from adam or eve
i still think off the grate life we would have had togerther every
time i wake up in the morning it really dose give me a good feeling
for real
i dont know what happend in terms off my johnson i one send him a mail
that he should stop mailing you and maybe that what got him hangry and
tried to spoil the relationship we had going good
i will like to know if you still have some feeling for me ?
i still love you for real and that will never change
hello my rolf
i am happy to read from you and so happy to know that you still feel
for me as much as i have good feeling for you i think so much off you
all the time even when you did not want to talk to me
i have not made any contact with mr johnson after i told him to stop
mailing you i did not collect my passport from him and i dont know if
he has that but i think its going to be a good idea when i can make
all these document for my self since we know what we need in the
process i still will love to come and spend the rest off my life with
you and i still love you so much
i just like to know when you feel is the right time so i go to the
imigration office myself and get a passport for a start that if you
still love me
i stop for hera and hope that i can read from you soon
your black pearl
hello my love and king
how are you doing and i ma so happy that i read from you i want you
too know that all the time when i read from you it brings me joy from
my heart and that is the truth of the matter
so tell me how are you being doing today hope you don t have to much
stress i really don t know why i cant get you off my mind i think so
much about you i think on what you eat and what you do all the time
well i will be so glad to be with you now and if you don t mind i
will like us to start with the first step by Monday the just like you
have asked me too
i will go to the place where i can get this tomorrow and ask how much
it going to cost me to have a inter nation passport first and will
mail you all long with my office id card which i will use at the
western union or maybe i mail you my drivers license
i know we will sure have a wonderful life together loving each other
and making kids too ohhhh you have forget that i still promise you
some nude pics and will mail that also to you tomorrow when i get
information and sending you my drivers license
love you so much and i mean this when i say this
you are all i want in a man
your black pearl
hello love
how are you hope all is going on fine with you i am alittle worried
that i did not read from you today as doing just this makes me really
happy all the time
how have you being how is your health and hope there is no problem
with you i really love and think about you a lot and cant wait to be
with you in your hands for real
i have being to the passport office today and i have the information
for me to provide at the passport office
4passport photography which i will take at there office and then i
also need to sigh all these will cost 400 euro and maybe we just round
everything up to a total off 500euro along with the running around
like transport and phone calls needed to be done
i have attached a copy off my national id card along with some off my
pics too so i hope you like my pics and i also hope that i can read
form you as i have told one off the agents in charge that i will be
coming on Monday and he as agreed to help me to make things easy you
know i still have to go to work on the Monday too
i hope you understand me ?
i love you and i miss you so much
your black pearl
hello love
how are you how is every thing i am getting worried not reading from
you for more than 3says now i hope you are in good health and i hope
that you can mail me i look to read from you so much i miss doing this
and i love you so much
your black beauty
hello love
i am so happy to read this mail from you i have al day sit infront off
computer looking to read from you so i know for sure that everything
is going on fine with you but now that i have this i ma so happy at
the moment
baby i am sorry that the documents i id card i send to you was not
readable by you but that was because off i dont have a good scanner at
the office welll the only way i can get you a good copy is if i send
you a printed copy later today which i will have photocopied to you
but there will be a problem with that as its going to be clear but
with no too much colure on it hope you will be able to use that
your black beauty
hello love
how are you doing and hope all is well i am here to send you another
information as promised but thou it is a photocopier information but
still i hope that you can read this and be able to send the money on
Monday as promised as the passport office man as asked me to come to
his office before 12 when he close on Monday
well in case you don t see the information hear are the information
better for the money transfer
name oladoyin coker
address no23adeniran ogunsanya surulere lagos
state lagos
country Nigeria
bank acount 0217110000103974

i hope this is good enough for you and you can mail me the information
for the western union office so that can mae the pick up before 11am
hope that i read from you
your black pearl
oladoyin coker

i hope this is a better nformation icase if you dont see the other one
i send you but thenn
good morning my love and my prince
i just wake up this morning and i ha real nice and sweet touts
about you so much so i decied to send you this mail to tel you that i
love you so much and i also hope that you had a nice party yesterday
with your friends at the town part you where going to yesterday
i am on my way going to church right now and after that i come back
letr in the afternoon and sleep that because i have no where going too
i like to know what yur plans is for today hope you can have some rest
too like i do every Sundays because tomorrow starts a new work day
again with so much stress and stuff lolololololol
well i want to tell you that you should also leave some house work too
for me to come and do as i really like to work and keep cleaning my
i go take my bath now and dress so start going to church and as church
programs are about to start in the next 30mins
i love you so much and do have a nice sunday too
your black pearl
oladoyin coker
hello love
i am very hapy to read fom you so much and i am happy that you
wil be going to meet your mother so also as i have toldmy mothe about
you s time ago ..and she aslo will be happy to met you and i togerther
in some time later in the future
well i will be going to church later in the even as i just go back
from church now and will like to know the result when you come back
f4om the western union too as i have promised the man that i will be
coming tomorrow
i hope that you have a nice time with your mum and i can read from you
also later in the day
love you so much
your black pearl
good morning my prince
how are you this morning and i hope that you did dream about me and
have sweet nite because i dream about you all the time i love you so
much and cant help it i dont know why
i have see te attachment with the money information and i will go have
it picked up later today when i am going to the passport office and i
mail you back when i get back
love you and have a great day and i like to know all about your dream
your black pearl
hello love
how are you this morning i have just got back from the bank and they
have asked me to tell you that there was no match found in the
information you have send to me i dont know why i have also taken a
copy off the information to the western union office and they still
say the same thing so i will say that maybe you have to contact the
western union office you use to send me the information an ask them
what happened so we can correct the error hope you can get this done
your black pearl
your black pearl
hello baby
i have being really worried about this problem at the western union so
much i almost had a fight with them so they have asked me to with for
your reponce before they know i hope that you can call them and verify
what happened i even tried checking there website the bank gave me and
it says no match found so i guess the mtch number is the problem or
maybe you need to call before they get it posted i hope that i read
from you soon
your black pearl
hello my love
i am getting really very worried as i am not hearing from you to know
what happed with the money as i could not have this picked up as it
said no match found and now because off the troble i have made at the
bank they have asked me to come again tomorrow so i am really in need
off reading from you so much so i know what is happen and know what to
say when i get to the bank tomorrow please i hope that you can read
and mail me back with some inofrmation with what is happening i am
really confused now
but i know all will be fine
love you
your black pearl
hello love and good morning to you i could nit get a good sleep last night asi i have not read a mail from you and more over i dont know wha is happening at the westren union and i still have o go the the bank tday and i dont have anything to tell then yet as i have accused the person wrongly which idnt know yet so i like to know fro your end what is going on please i hope that you can reply me today
your black pearl
and good morning to you
hello love i just got back from the bank now and they are still making
the same complane so all they say i should do now is to wait for you
to mail me and see what you get out from the western union you use
hope you can read your mail some and reply me
oladoyin your black pearl
how are you doing i really am wondering what happen to you why you hav
not mailed me since so i can know what is going on well hope you are
not angry at me and i still love you so much and want to be with you
your black pearl
hello love
i really dont understand you why have you not reply me back is it that
you dont love me anymore
how are you doing
hello love
how are you doing just want to say to you happy sunday and tel you
that i still love you
hello love
oen thing was for sure that i really do loved you so much and i still
thing alot about you all the time and i think how a nice wonderfull
couple we would have made togther in your life
so tell me about your love life hope you have found some one new as i
know you need to have a woman in your life
i will also like to know what happen to us in the past as i think we
had a great future togther
and i hope you have a nice life and wish you a lovely day ahead
i still care and think about you alot
kisses from africa