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Is really nice to hear from you,is me Janet you wrote me at the x match which i decided to reply you and tell you much more about myself and my inner personalities and you will also do the a mix race,born and raise in Greece a nice town called Kalamos but i now live in Ghana with my mum,i work in a restaurant i really like my work..
I love to learn, many subjects. I love the outdoors, nightlife, good friends, nice dinners paired with incredible,view,company, fun and adventure..i like to travel to see much interested things such as,the mountains forest rivers trees goddess and wonderful really fascinate me a an intelligent woman with good emotions in me i do cherish earthly things and feel like been close to it,am a woman with good emotions and will like to make new friends share a lot of ideas and if possible we see what happens next,is a nice weekend here and the same in German,i have some work to do now,take care and hear much more from you..JANET
Reading your letter has brought happiness in me,but i hope everything takes time to get to know much about ourselves,well my mum need to know you and see what happens in the nearest future,as we far away from ourselves but due to internet and mobile phone,we can contact ourselves and feel the love and affection within us,the only thing that matters now is how we can trust ourselves with much love and sincerity as i told you i never i could meet a sincere man at the site to love but i do not know what will happen,well is really nice meeting you and i hope we will develop something special within us..
you look good in your picture and i can see how you enjoy sex,as in marriage we suppose to have sex to satisfy our feelings,is been a long time since i have been with a man so i hope this friendship we are into will be something special to us,i will like to know why such handsome man like you still lonely and never married,and how can i know that you have a woman in German or even at the dating site because there are many women there,let us be sincere with ourselves as i do not want the man i love to deceive and lie to me but i know it wont happen if we only love and trust ourselves...i need to go now and prepare dinner for my mum,hope to hear from you we can chat at msn messenger if we having less time either tonight i think this can lead us to get closer to ourselves,this are some pictures of me i hope you will like then,am also a shy woman so i do not have a naked picture but you will surely taste and touch my real flesh when the right time comes,have a lovely weekend and nice meeting you as a good friend..the other picture is me and my cousin,it was taken in Ghana when she came and visit me,hope you like them,will send you more as time goes on...
Am really impress to be hearing from you as days keep passing by,this will surely lead us into something special our life and if possible we shall call is a history and tell a story to our children in the nearest future.
It s early morning here and I was thinking about you, as usual. As i told you am keeping my love to you secret moreover i have told my mother a lot about you and i think she is really happy for me,to get married and have children i think our dream will come true when we work things together with much faith and sincerity,today i did not attend to church as i have somethings to do but after here i need to read my bible,i forgot to tell you am a good christian because that is how my mum trained me to be,i think it does not bother you for me been a christian..i wish you were here with us so that we can share a happy moment together..My dear i knew God was going to give me some one special like you to enjoy a good time and happy life together...From now on you are so special and sweet to me and am really glad meeting you..
As for you coming here,it will be very great where i will show you around the beauty of African culture and their heritage,i think when you here we can perform the traditional marriage rite and after that we move back to German if you wish but this takes time because we just met so let us be patience and study much about our inner personalities because we suppose to know what you like and dislike,our hobbies and the food you enjoy most am a good cook so there is no problem about that,what matters is our we will love ourselves without no heart breaking.i think i have already told you i have no nude pictures but if you really love me and know we will meet soon and look into your eyes hold you so tight i will then show you the type of woman am made of,i enjoy having sex but i have no man for that but as i have met you i will let you enjoy sex a lot and you will never forget it,my beloved one i must go now as i have a lot to do,do reply me and tell me when you can be online so that we can chat at msn as i have added you,take good care of yourself and have a blessed lovely sunday with the protection of the almighty one,sweet kisses to you which will never be forgotten..Red lipsRed lipsRed heart
Good morning my dear one,hope you doing good,well is early morning here and am preparing for work,i decided to check either you have write me but i have not heard from you for the past two days,i might not know what is going on with you or maybe you busy that you do not want to write me,if you feel to write me am always there for you,i need to take my shower now and off to work,have a blessed day good day with love and affection..