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Hello and how are you doing...I got your mail from AFF and i decided to write back to you..I am catherine 28 single from Phoenix USA..I will be happy if you can tell me more about your self then i can tell you mine and all you need to know about me
Hope to hear back from you
Kisses and Hugs
Catherine xxx
How you doing,Thanks so much for your reply,My name is Catherine Burke, I am a single 28 years old.....Dads from Virgina USA while my mom is from Manchester England . I was born in USA and raised up in England I have been staying with Mom all my life in England Until she died, so i then moved up to the states some years back, After her death i came to Virginia to be with Dad but he later died after 3 years moving down here on an auto crash, Mum and Dad were divorced, so they were not together....I met these Guy called Dave He was loving, Kind, and caring, i loved him so much and i was so happy to be with him, He started to do some funny things, He was always so harsh on me So i decided to leave him to be all to my self, So i moved down to Phoenix to start a new life for my self..I am all alone with my self and right now looking for the best man to be with so i joined the dating site to see if i could get the right person on here and get to know him as
well..I want to let you know that I like what you wrote and I m really intrested in getting to know more about you then come and meet you In person in Germany..I will be happy if you can tell me what you want in love and life and what you are really looking for on here
Hope to read soon though.
Kisses and Hugs,
Catherine xxx
Hi Janiek

I will be happy if you can reply to my email cos im really worried why you have not get back to me
Hi Janiek

Thanks for the reply and im happy to read back from you cos i was so worried about you when you did not reply me in time..I guess i am beginning to have the best feelings for you and maybe we can hook up in person and have a nice time together.....I am looking for the right man that will love me and make me happy and i believe that i have found you cos you sound like a man i want to spend the rest of my life with and plan a family by working together and living with him and making him happy forever.....i don t mind to
relocate to Germany because of you and work there..You sound like a nice and caring man and i will love to meet you in person but i cant right now cos i am sad and depressed and i want a man who can be there for me and make me happy..Janiek i guess i really like you and i want to meet you as soon as possible but right now like i said im not happy and i want to know if you will be there for me and make me happy so that i can be coming to Germnay...If you care to know what is going on with me then i will be happy to tell you...I like yourpictures you send to me in your first email and i hope you like mine as well..Till then take good care of your self for me and i will

I hope to read back from you soon and kindly drop me your cell number in your next email so that i can call you and hear your sweet voice

Kisses and Hugs,
Hope to read back from you
Kisses to you
Catherine xxx