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From Aff and i will be very happy to get to know u more my dear one .. I am Lydia and i hope u know me there ..U wrote to me yesterday and u directed your email address to me to write u here
U are from German and i like your country and i will be happy to marry someone from there
I wait to hearing back from u soon
Good morning my dear one and how are u doing over there .It is nice to read back from u and thank u for your photos ..I just wake up and i saw your mail in my box and when reading it i was very happy because it seems u are for real ..I have been to that site for a couple of ,months now but i have not find what i am looking for ..I decided to delete it but i forget and leave it there ..I am hoping u are for real cause when u see my profile u have to know that am real there not fake and am not here into any ones money
Here i will u more about me so that u can know me a little by this words
I am Ghanaian single lady, 23years of age,..5.1.ft tall 79 kilos in weigh I am beautiful solitary a girl, am very caring, royal, kind, honest, loving, romantic, easy going, attractive, affectionate, down to earth, adventurous, have sense of humor, good understanding, Educated, warmhearted, and faithful, which believes in persisting love and romantic of feeling, ..I work at a supermarket which is for my mom ..I have completed the senior high school and i did not continue due to some small problems .I like going out, reading books, watching movies, sports, traveling and making fun. I always consider love as a precious jewelry, and don’t want to hurt a man who will come into my life because love is understanding between two hearts. Am always happy but not to my satisfaction because of not having any man in my life that is why am joining up here if possible we can be good friends and build long lasting relationship base on trust, love, passion, fun, mutual love and respect.
Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions because we can’t know ourselves unless questions and answers, am very serious and want a man who can let us meet and build good relationship together and have much fun and passionate love together base on trust and love, To me! one thing I normally don’t consider in a relationship is age difference and distance because I know age is just a number therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the man as my love or husband is older than me, I don’t want to be too old like or more than my husband, I always want to be young and look nice for him to love me all the time so I think age difference is just nothing as well as the distance too because as soon as we love each other we can arrange to meet and start something better for each other and make each other happy
I will like to know what are you dreams if we know each other well ..what do u think we should do ? Will u come to Ghana or u will let me meet u there ? I hope we can understand each other and meet for real too is Sunday and i will be going to the church ..So i will end here and i wait to read back from u soon .Ask anything u want to know from me and i will answer u in a short possible time
Your one
Hi my love and how are u doing ? Thanks for your soon reply ..I am just back from work and everything went good at check today ...It was very nice to read from u and thanks for your photos u sent me ..If u say i should come and visit u for the first time i like that and i will like to know where u live and have my life there with u for all the rest of my life ..My dreams and life is all to have a good honest man to have the rest of my life with ..Here i add some more photos of me including the nude u want all because i see u are a serious man who need a woman but may be u like to see my body before .I will be happy to get to know u soon for real ..Reply back to me soon and tell me what u think about that ..I want to have a prove from u to know u are serious about me ..Then i will send u more later
I wait and wait to read back from u soon
Your lovely one
Good evening and thank u for your massage my dear one ..I am happy to read from u and thanks that u like what u saw ..I am very happy of finding what i am looking for ..I am going to do what ever i can to get to u ..I live at Berekum and that is far from Accra ..That is about 345 kiloliters ahead from where i live . There is only one buss which leave from my town to Accra everyday and it leave in the evening 9pm my time and get to Accra at 4am in the morning ..I dont know how serious u are about this .If u are serious then first i have to go to the migration office at Sunyani the nest town to where i leave and that is only 24 kilometers to go and pay for the passport ..and for the passport i just check it online and it cost 200 and i will get it in two weeks time
So if u are ready and u will let us do it in sooner time then u can also check on a web site and see all what i just tell u ..cause am well Educated and all the time i need to check everything and say the truth too ..Be very honest with me cause am not a model ..I am real and i even feel shy for sending u my naked photos and that is one thing i have never done .but i see u are serous and that is what u like that was why i sent to u ..So my love i will end here and if u are ready for us to do that then i will give u my postal address where u can send the money to ..And to which bank u will send to ..Then we can move to the nest step to the visa my dear one .Please tell me why u are not marriage and tell me why u live alone with no one like your brother or sister ..I will be waiting to read back from u soon
Your new one to be
After i have the passport will u get an agent to help me to get the visa too ? Or what do u think ?I can get it my self here but just that i want to be sure of it
I have not ask for the cost of the visa before but for the passport i was trying to get one for a past and due to come problems and disapointment that was why i stop ..So that is why i know for that cost my dear ..For the visa u can search online and know ..And u have to be sure that u can afford for all; before u stat my dear
I hope all will work well and i understand me well too
Kiss and hugs
Good evening and thank u for your massage my dear love .I just finish watching movie and ready to go to bed ...I am happy that i can meet u soon cause if i get the passport the visa will not be a problem ..I will look for an agent online after i get the passport
I will look to have a cheep one cause there are many ways to get a visa ..And u know that the passport there are cheep ones too but that will keep sooo long time to get it
So i think this is the best way master .I will be very happy to see u for the first day and may be in future i will come with u in Ghana so that u can see my country too ..There is western Union money transfer here too.,,I have a sister at Italy and she use to send me some money every month ..So u can send by western union and i will get the money
Here is my Postal address and i think that is all what u need

P O BOX 91
I will be waiting from u tomorrow and i will go and pay if early in the morning if u are able to send the money early
I cant wait to see u for real and i am happy to find the man i love in my life now .
I kiss and hug u tight
i go to bed now
See u tomorrow
bye bye 4 now my lovely one
If u need my phone number let me know and i will leave it here for u so that u can call or send me sms when u are online and may be we can chat too
Good bye 4 now and good night
Good morning and how are u doing ? I still wait to read from u my dear one ..If i get this money for the passport that will let me know u are serious and i will close my aff and then will not contact anyone again ..cause i dont know if u are serious and ready for me or not ..I hope u are the man i was there for ..and hope we meet soon ..And what will u do to your profile on aff too ?
Good evening my love and thanks for what u have done now ..U have let me know u are serious and i will be happy to be with u soon ..I will go and get the money early tomorrow morning and after that i will go to Sunyani and pay for the passport ..When i am back i will let u know by calling u from the number u gave me .I am going to read a story book and after that i will go to bed and i hope am going to dream about u ..Be careful when u are outside and take a Good care of your self ..When u are back Give me the full name of u when u use to send the money ..cause they will ask me too ..Have a nice evening and i will call u before i sleep
Or u can call me or send me sms when u are back .00233206306905
I love u forever and u will see me soon i promise u
bye 4 now
How are u doing ? I have not head from u since yesterday and it there something wrong with u ?I hope u are well and u will write back to me soon ..Your love
No i did not get the money and the band said there is non transfer of that information u gave me ..So that was what they told me and i am very sorry about what u did ..I dont know why u did that cause i am here for real and it was u who contacted me and why are u doing that?? And why do u waste ur time for writing more words everyday ? It seems that u dont have anything to do in life ,,,I will end here and u dont know what u are doing
U are a lair and u can leave me alone right ? search for another woman and u can do what ever u want to do with her
Good luck and Good bye
I know people who receive money from Germany without sending their ID why do u only need my ID ? Take your money and look for another woman there
Thank u
I dont have any problem of sending my ID card to u ..That is one minute for me to do that and i am for real and do not worry about sending u my ID card ..But where did u get that wrong information about the MCTN numbers from ? And where did u get that answer also from ? U see there are a lot of things i cant understand u ..If the western union will not send your money for u without ID card then how did they send that money for u and gave u the MCTN numbers??? Answer this question to me and if i did not understand your answer well then this is the last mail i am sending
Thank u
Ok i understand and trust u now .....Tell me my love do u want me to scan it on an internet cafe to u or how should i do it my love?
Good morning my love and how are u doing ? Thank u for your massage .Today is Sunday and i did some washing and very tired here and i just find your mail here
I dont have a scan so i will use a camera and then take a photo of it and send to u ..Let me know if that will help and that will be ok ..cause i dont like going to the cafe master
I wait to hear from u soon