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Hello Dear xxx,
I am Glad to finally have your email address right now....I believe this way , we would be able to communicate much better and become more acquainted also. let me tell you little more about myself.
I am a down to earth woman, I am honest , caring , loving , passionate , truthful , ,open-minded and i also like sex a lot but with my one and only man... i do not cheat and i love to stay loyal and faithful to my man and for us to have a nice relationship together and explore many sexual fantasy too at the same time.
I am 27 years old. ia m 5"7 feet tall and i weigh 58kg.. i am down to earth , open -minded and fun to be with. i love the outdoors ALOT and my hobbies are singing , swimming , dancing , reading and watching tv.. I live in Nigeria i am the only child of my parents . my dad is Nigerian and my mom is from Ghana ..i lost them both about 3 years ago in a car accident and since then i have been alone and all by myself. i work in a saloon where i make and plait hairs for women.. i like to go to places and have fun. i would like to relocate to my loving and caring man to spend the rest of my life with, I am single and have no kids
I seek the heart of a caring , loving , affection , passionate and high sex drive man and loving master to spend the rest of my life with.

I am going to wait for your response and hope you would write to me soon.
I have attached some pictures for you now and hope that you like them , also would love to see some of yours too.
My email is
Phone Number is +2348079070236
Hugs and Kisses
Hello Dear xxx ,

Good Morning to you and thank you for your Response back at me.. I appreciate it and for you
taking your time to write me the email as well......

I am glad to know that you like my pictures , I like yours too dear and you are so gorgeous
and good looking... I can Understand your english dear so that is not a problem at all.

Thanks for telling me everything about you , I like what i have read so Far dear xxx and i want
you to know that you are the kind of man that am looking in my Life.

I have had local relationships here before , but many men from here are always wicked. they beat
their wifes alot , they cheat ,they Humanise and there is no Law against them .. I was heart broken
three times and i decided not to search local again and i joined the site about 5 days ago.
i searched through it from google. I want a caring , loving , passionate , affection , down to earth
open-minded , loyal , faithful and a man that likes sex alot and have great Libildo because
i like sex alot , i want it all the time and consider it very very Important but with my one and only Man.

I am so happy xxx that you do not Smoke, i hate smokers , we can drink wine ocassionally
together and share our love together. there is nothing bad in that .
As i said before , Your age doesnt matter to me, Its xxx a Number.. I am willing and ready to be that woman
that you seek for and distance is not a barrier at all as i am willing and ready to relocate to my
man , the love of my life for us to raise and start a good n Wonderful life together with
great sex and moments shared together as well..

I love your cock , I wish i was there to suck you and have you cum in my mouth for me to taste n swallow
and i bet that you would taste so nice n Nice also. I like sex alot xxx , I hope this is not a problem toy ou .
I love to always be naked in the house all the time so that my holes would be available for you to make love to me
all the time. wil dress sexy when ever we go out . and we woud take care of each other so much .

this is my dream and aspirations with you honey.

I have to prepare Lunch now andi would try to send you another email Later?

Do you chat on Messenger ?????? Can you call me ?? My Number is +2348079070236
I like to get better acquainted with you dear xxx ,

Hugs and KIsses.

Good Morning Honey , I have not heard from you yet .....Please Are you okay ?? I look forward to reading from you soon and being there with you Soonest. Please talk to me MY LOVE. Regina.
I swear I never Lie to you. I wanted to tell you about my past. Its my picture and i have worked for a Porno Company before. I wanted to tell you that but was waiting for you on chat...... I never lied to you and wanted a good Life with you.
Lets chat pls. I never lie to you. let me prove myself to you. email me also at the site . where you see the pictures. its my site. and i wil also be the one to answer. i swear am loyal to you. do you wnt me to send you my ID CARD and SSN NUMBER? am real and will never lie to you.
Honey , I am sorry that i do not tell you this before , I wanted to tell you when we chat . because i think you chat.?? and i have added you to the Messenger. I am sorry if this hurts you. but i swear am loyal and honest with you. I did work with the Porno company because i was alone and needed to survive. all my late parnet"s property was taken away from me and that is what led me to that (crying).. I am so hurt now dear peter because i really love you with all my HEART. I SWEAR.

I attached my National Identity card to you. you can contacted the Immigration Office and confirm my IDENTITY. also i sent you scanned copy of my work in saloon.

I am honest with you and i love you.
can we talk on Phone please.and also chat crying crying
what do you mean xxx ??
I do not want your Money. I want you love and care....... I wish you could Open your eyes to see how much i want you.
I am not playing with you xxx. what is your Number. i wish to call you
Good Morning Honey , I have not heard from you yet .....Please Are you okay ?? I look forward to reading from you soon and being there with you Soonest. Please talk to me MY LOVE. Regina.