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Hello my dear xxx
how are you ? thanks for your mail to me , this some about me , am Rosine , and from Kenya but i live in Ghana for my nursing college , but my brother live long time ago with my father , but now my father is no more , am single lady serious and faithful , looking for the serious man , to have a relation with him , am cool lady , when i have some free time i spend it to help my brother for work in home , or some time with my friend who try to give me happiness for not feel lonely off cost am new in the city , i hope you will reply me back and we can chat on cam also take care my dear and am waiting for you
Hello my dear xxx
how are you ? i hope you are very well , so thanks for your mail and am very glad to read from you , my dear am sorry for that happen to you in the pass for your search for the woman in your dream , but my dear if you want to stay with me , i promise you to give you the love and happiness you search my dear , yes my dream to find my love in part in the world , and i believe that to find and i hope is it you my dear xxx , i hope you are already tell me about you , but i want to know if you like more as your partner to meet for real in the future ? , yes i like your photo you send to me , and i will like to have that cock in my pussy , but for real , i like also erotic chat , but if you are serious to me , my dear xxx i want a serious relation not a game or funny play , if you are really want a woman , am ready for you my dear we can chat on cam for all my dear , but if you are serious to me , I WANT MY MAN FOR ME ONLY , my dream to make you pleasure xxx , tell me when we can meet for chat ?
am waiting for you very soon
Good morning my dear,
how are you doing? hope you are well.i am fine too.
Thank you for you wonderful message and thank you for your interest in me . i am also interested in you too one thing that will make me more happier is both of us hearing each others voice and sending sms on phone all the time.

i am also new at the site and i have met about three men and you happen to be the fourth man but they were not serious as compared to you , but my heart tells me that we have something in know what?..........i also want a man like you to have children with.i will be very happy to call my love at work to ask him what dish will he like to take after work...........and coming from work, will give his family a hug so that when he comes from work i will make him happy.
This does not mean i am lazy i also better we see each other personally to talk , i know.

But i will be happy to meet you ....,go to the beach,walk together,have fun.......but it will be difficult for me to come because after my nursing course i don t have any work doing so if you can help me to come to you then i can find a means helping or supporting for my coming.

Good day,hope to read from you soon.