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Hello xxx,

Its been pleasure to have your email address on the dating scene,i mean,I appreciate your effort toward this new friendship we are building and i must say that am ready to show my sincere commitment on making this new friendship we are generating grow to the next level and hopes you do the same too. Am quite amazed about your willingness to see this friendship we are building and who knows what the future holds install for us when we do click..

To tell you a little about me,actually i am a woman of 30 years old single never married but have been into a relationship before in life as well..i am therefore here as a woman looking for an honest and a long term relationship as well.I am 5 6"tall and also weight 120lbs thus 59kg.My favorite colors are red,white,blue, and also orange too...I also like reading,chatting and making friends and also..i am very conversational and also like to get to know more about the new things and other histories in other countries too,I am mixed which is Lebanese and African,i come from Lebanon now living in Ghana together with my mom,Well Ghana is very peaceful and wonderful country i would say gate way to all African countries due to their peaceful nature also the people of God always welcome strangers and hostages with good manners And when it come to mineral salts we have gold,diamond,timber,cocoa,steel,cement and towards tourist attractions we do have mountains.rivers,lakes and lagoons etc...This is country is well bless with such things and i know each and every other person who comes here would always enjoy it with benefit.

My dad passed away, as we lost him some years ago and it isn t an easy task to lose most important people who we loved very much at all times but it has happened and there s nothing we can do to bring him back to life since it God that gives and takes at all times and we should always let him take control and handle us with peace and harmony. He s gone forever nothing can be done,it hurtful sometimes in life to lost most important people who we truly love very much but we cant continue thinking of them as life must always go on.

I am a fun and easy going understanding person who enjoys life and wants to find someone to share it with. I am past games and pretense and am honest with who I am and what I need.I am a single warm hearted woman looking for friends to share dinners, movies, walks and conversation with.I am also Outdoorsy and down to earth. Athletic, loyal, faithful, caring and deeply honest Sensitive and empathic. Passionate, compassionate, sensual, a good listener. Big heart who believes in taking good care of herself and would be happy to take good care of you.I am looking for someone with similar interest, goals, values who wants to have fun and be happy! I am unashamedly a hopeless romantic. I desire a long-term, fully committed, monogamous relationship.I am looking for someone who is warm and caring. Someone who is not afraid to show and receive affection.

I am attracted to kindness, intelligence, a quick wit, a good kisser, passionate. A good career is important, but so is enjoying the benefits of working hard. In addition to a balanced life, I also value good communication, emotional availability, integrity and HONESTY! Someone who can admit when he s wrong. Someone who means what he says. "above average".I am also not looking for someone one to have games with or play with as well but someone i will love for who he is and also what he has in his heart for me too.I never been married but have been into relationship which didn t work for me as i wanted in life to bad experienced.A good relations cares for sharing all that one has and experienced in life,each and everyone in the relations should be open to one another in other to build a firm and solid love foundation,a good relations is never built by one person and not built in a day,it takes time,care and sacrifices,there s no need be to hesitating sharing our past life to each other.Well.Thank you so much reading and i await to hear from you soon.Take care and stay bless.I really would like to get to know more about of your self also.

Your New Friend,