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thanks for the message and i am happy to read from you..i am Venessa Williams..i am 29 years old..i live in swindon in England..i work with world health organisation..i am looking for a man to love me and care for me...i will like to know more about you...i will be waiting to read from you soon.

Hello Peter,
thanks for the mail and i am happy to read from you..i really appreciate your comments on my look and i hope you are not trying to get me flattered?i was born in UK but my Grandpa is from Dominican republic so i am a mixed race and are you?i am a nurse with world health organisation..i dont know if you would like me because i do smoke occassionally but i want a man to put a stop to it for me..i always do it when i remember my past relationships..all my past relationship went sour and i am scared to give my heart to a man but i think i should forget the past and face the future..can you help me to stop smoking?can you bring back happiness to my life if i give you my heart?let me tell you a bit more about myself...Well i am age 29, 5.7ft tall and a briton and a graduate i had my first degree in human relationship, I think i had the best family my dad and mom has been so wonderful and i feel they are the treasure sent from above .i live in swindon more of me and i hope this time i wont be blowing my trumpet by myself huh?i am Intelligent, passionate, sensual, affectionate, funny, honest, witty and nurturing: there are many sides to my personality. My life has been a wild and at times bumpy ride, (Oh, the stories you will hear! LOL!) but it’s made me stronger and smarter. I don’t obsess about little things anymore, and never take any of my loved ones for granted. Even though I can take care of myself, I long for a partner in life who will care for me as I care for him. Life is so much better when shared by a kindred soul. About me: I have always been the life of the party, with wild funny stories and jokes. People seem to naturally gravitate to me, and often confide in me and seek my advice. You ll frequently find me in deep conversations with complete strangers when I m out and about. I can fit into almost any situation comfortably. I love the beach and the power of the ocean. Shopping, flea markets, various types of shows and fairs, art, music, historical places: I m open to many adventures. I have found that I can be happy doing just about anything, as long as I m with that special person. I would even like to curl up and watch sports with him, or cook him something wonderful as I listen to him yell at the television. These are the moments that make up the best parts of life. I have all the qualities a man desire in a soul mate but i dont want it to look like am blowing my trumpet on here,you will get to confirm things as time goes on and we make more contact .I like reading,watching movies,playing tennis,swiming,and going to the museum. I never ever want to remember the events of sadness that had occured in my life but i will tell you all when things develop between us. I personally can t see beauty being the reason of loving somneone or having emotional feelings for the person, but you know that there are a few sayings about that maybe one mans trash is another mans treasure,people base their reasons on diff grounds.I have just been through a single relationship since i reached the age of reasoning and because I was not forced to love ,i have since then believe love will always find a way if its real and genuine. I have been seeing things for what they are worth.In describing myself, i can say more of that will be known with time as i dont it look like am blowing my own trumpet. I am a good woman and will sure become great wife someday. I have a good sense of humor; I have always tried to be fair and understandable. I am very careful with my thought, for they become my word, my word for they become my actions, my action for they become my habits, my habit for they become my character, my character for it will for sure become my destiny and i tend to think good always.I posses alot that makes me a good lady and hope i am not blowing my trumpet here huh?lol,i am an affectionate lady, very romantic and God fearing ,the man of my dream must possess these as a man;must be a caring man,loving,affectionate,sincere,trustworthy man,very romantic and must be God fearing man,man that cant mind the beating of my emotions and understand what i leave unsaid,kindhearted,someone who will not take advantage of my weakness but rather build up a good and long lasting happiness with me,someone i can share those beautiful and wonderful dreams with and build up a shining visions with.I have been hurted in the past and even though i dont like to talk about the past but rather get on with life i still beileve the past made up my future.i am so sorry to tell you this like i would not want you worry just that it makes me a bit skeptical about relationship as my whole life has been a drama and this has made me smarter and wise.even though i am new to online dating I think i would want someone mature and soundminded and maybe serious and value time and other half(me)someone who realise the purpose of having a friendship who would value it much more than i will do.I think i am doing this in a whole but i feel we could do this little by little and can you pls tell me about you and all you think a new friend like myself can learn and pls i dont want HEAD GAMES as i would appreciate your sincerity i wil be willing to accept you for the kind of man you are i mean more natural i dont care about your status,color,race,look and i want of you is just the real you .Moreso,about my my job,i work for W.H.O{WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION} as a volunteer nurse and i started this when i broke up with my last date some years back.I have been to asia,europe and some countries in america ... i work as a volunteer not for the money just for the love and passion for all the kids all over the world and more in particular what they are going through either with a single parent or non most are going through one hardship or the other and i am so happy to do this and to make sacrifice maybe someday i ll like to become mother Theresa II lol (that was just a joke).I have travelled to alot of places and hope for more and not until the day that i am married that i will lay off to have more time for my family(husband and kids,future)So about my country,Its a very nice place with all the natural endowments and a great place.Well i think i will have to stop here,and wait to have a response from you,so we could get to know some more better.I will like you to tell me about your person too,your likes,dislikes and hobbies and anything you can think of.
From your hopefully now a bit better known friend,i will be waiting to read from you soon.

Venessa Williams.
i have added you to my messenger and i hope we can chat someday to learn more from each other..what do you think about that?i sent you mail and i am still waiting to read from you..i will be waiting to read from you soon.