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Hello xxx Its Linda you xxx sent me your yahoo address in AFF and i just email you well how are you doing and I am going to add you in my yahoo messenger so we can get to chart more and get to know each other well..

Hello xxx,
My Pleasure to meet you and I am very happy you Email me cos I was waiting for your email.......You are very handsome and good looking man and Thanks for your photos i love them very much........I am also Single with no Kids never been married before but ready to get married if you wants to marry me........Well peter your English Is okay with me and i don t mind more about that........................What I want s now from you Is to be committed to me so i can also be committed to you.....I am living with my mom in Accra Ghana and she is all i have now i lost my father some years back and it was very sad time and i don t have no one in my life now and as you come into my life now i am very much happy and great full and i am going to show you all the true love and happiness you deserve xxx and will never make you lonely or sad okay and i promise you that the lord is going to guide our relationship and its going to last for ever..............Well i have not been with a man before and I am virgin and never have sex before if you are to love and take good care of me then you are going to be the man to break my virginity i am 30 years old and i think a bit younger and whats right for me and i am ready to get on with you......I am very serious with you and i am not joking or kidding okay and i don t play games or joke......I will be more happy if you can download yahoo messenger so you can sign with your email and we can chart more times that we will be more easier for both of us and i will show you more photos of me cos i do have a lot of photos for you and i guess you are going to like them very you belongs to my heart now and i am going to love you for the rest of my life.........You are the best thing ever happened to me all my life since i was born i have dated before but not go into sex before so i am virgin and ready to open my heart and legs to you xxx......I am lonely in Ghana here where am i now and i will be very happy if you wants me to come and live with you In Germany so we can be together cos i am a clean girl God fearing person also.....Every thing about me is excellent and i assure you that you are going to like me and be happy with me and i will never bring tears into your eyes will always make sure you are happy you have taken your shower and eaten and satisfy you with your sexual need also and will prove to you i am a goo girl and the best girl you are going to ever found in your whole life trust me and we are going to make it to the top.... I am very ready for you xxx and to be inside your arms and to take you away from your loneliness and to make you feel as a real man xxx.......Well i am going to find something to eat now and i will be hoping to meet you online so we can talk more....E-mail me as soon as possible so i can reply you and think well about what i told you i wants to be with you okay.