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Hello xxx,

this is Rose,i hope i have the right address.

kind regards
Dear xxx,
good afternoon from Linden,and how are you doing? hope you doing just fine.well im doing good also.thank you once again for the compliments,i felt really flattered.

well about your English,its ok and i do understand since its not your mother tongue.whats more important is the fact that you understand what i say,same as i i guess we are good to go.
first before i go telling you about myself,i just want you to know that with the sex part,i should be brilliant enough to know that yes,sir is a very vital part of every intimate relationship,exactly what i have on my profile where we that should not be an issue.the only problem will be that,since i am a journalist,it is no much against my ethics to be showing naked pictures of myself,untill we have developed the trust,and that i thrust you so much to go to that level.
i hope you get where im coming from,and if you will still want to continue with this.if not,then i wish you all the best.

kind regards
stay blessed.