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Good to hear from you what you want in life style..well right now i am single and no kids.. i am here in GA...where i served my exmaster,since he dead i am single and alone that is why i am looking for real man,honest,caring and love in my life.
I m a submissive young woman who is looking for really master..I am looking for a committed, loving,monogamous relationship,that also happens to be D/s in nature....I m looking for a man who will be dominant both in and out of the bedroom and who can turn me to sweetheart(especially real daddy) for good times or willing to serve him long time 7/24...but if you want house wife.. we can start build the relationship..but i want to know you more.. what do you do for living,where are you you have kids... are you married?...master,we need to meet one on one soon because this is best way to be real to each other....if you can think and plan for my relocate there to meet you face to face...but you need to send me your home address with city and zipcode to know how distance milles...ok..i like to read more about your family background... and try to send me your new pics to see more of you.
Just try to mail me long mail and express yourself to me more.. so that we can know each other better..ok
Thank you so much
Slave to be soon