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It s good to write you for the first time after a long time we met on AFF, I hope you are still interested in a relationship...

Looking forward to reading from you soon.

My name is Sandra Adewale, 27 years of age from Nigeria.. I attacehed my pics for you to see if you are interested in a relationship...
I am begining to imaging that we can meet each other soon rather than I think if we are right for each other. I was born in Lagos to a wonderful parents though they are late today but i still can t forget them... I am seeking to meet a man of joy, romance, care and good loving which i am also ready to make the man happy, give good life and satisfy sexually.. I enjoy swimming, adventure and travelling around the world. I can start thinking of seeing your face that is if you truly want me now to make you happy and give you erotic sex..
I will give you all you want in sex and make you happy more than ever, I want to make you happy, feel like there s no other woman in the world except me... I will be very happy if you invite me to Germany, be in the same room with you and have a first lovely night together in bed but i am here in Nigeria now and you are in Germany, how can i get there when i don t have the documents ready?
Thank you once again for the response and also to know you are ready to take responsibility of my travel expenses, well I contacted an agency after reading your maile to know how much it will cost me for my passport,visa, health insurance and other documents and i was told i need to pay a total amount of 2,490 euro after which i will have all documents to fly to Germany... I hope you will be able to afford this amount because my heart is already set to meet you...
thank you once again for your sweet reply, i only have my university ID card available as my national ID already got lost in transit, so i attached my university Id for you and my address below;

Name: Sandra Adewale
Address: 20 Funsho lane
City/state: lagos
Post Code:23401
I will get my old passport or my health card sent to you when i go you later today then....
when i went to thr immigration office to get my old passport I was told it is not allowed to be released anymore as the new E-passport is the only valid passport to be used so i went to the travel officer to explain and he told me you can send the money direct to his name then you scan the receipt as proof in case there is any problem in the transfer.. I hope you understand this because i don t have a driver s license cos i don t have a car yet and health card in Nigeria does not attach one s photograph, so i believe the best way for us is to send to the agent and scan the receipt as proof... i hope to read your tought on these...
I will contact the agent to get the information and also the scanned copy of his passport.
Hope to meet you soon.
Kisses to you
Sorry for not been able to respond quickly, It was due to internet problem here since morning and unavalaibility of the travel officer to provide his license because he had to involve the Nigerian police and I also had to sign an undertaken that I am not to use his license for anything but to provide to you so you can send money to his details... here is the name and address below;

Name: Animashaun Razaq
Address: 28 Hogan Bassey
City: Lagos
Post Code: 23401
Country: Nigeria
I will contact the agent again and also have to go to the police station again to inform them about it. I will get back to you after everything
How are you doing today? I could not get the scanned copy of the agent s passport to you because the police officer to sign the witness paper was not on duty so we have to wait until tomorrow for the police officer to sign the witness paper so i can get the scanned copy of the agent s passport to you.... I am really thinking about you now and you are the only one that can make it happen and make me see my dream come true.... Thinking about you sweetie
Sorry for not responding earlier, We had to see the police officer in charge before we can proceed but finally you have the agent s passport and i hope this is enough for you to tender at western union... hope to read from you after sending it so i can contact the agent to inform him...
It s always good to read from you as that always make my day and make me happy, i am starting to think what it s going to be like when i come to Germany.. you are the only one that can make it happen and i hope to read the good news from you, i will go to bed now thinking of you and also think about making my travel documents... i hope this will come out real sweety..
Good night and have a lovely night rest
Kisses from your loving dear
Please just want to remind you not to send me express mail.. only western union or others....
Dear Love,

The agent adviced me to contact the police officer and also track the transaction before proceeding to western union point and I found out that money no available from the MTCN yet, please know that I have not gotten the money and it is safe because the agent have not seen the transfer information. Please try and find out what the problem is why i am not getting the money from the MTCN. I wait to read from you.

Your lovely Sandra

I have been waiting for your mail after i returned from bank today along with the agent and the police officer in charge. Please I am still waiting to read from you.

I guess you are busy that is why I haven t read from you for the past two days, anyway, i would just like to hear from you and know your opinion.
Are you fine?