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Hello .. How are you? I am Vera, beautiful, sensitive, honest, assertive woman seeking a friendship that would meet.And on a long term relationship with, I might say some things about me and my background. I am from Ghana studying and living in Sunyani., 5 feet 7 tall, 28 years old, of medium stature. I am healthy, happy, beautiful, intelligent, educated, sympathetic, romantic, clean, safe and emotionally. I love music, movies, reading, traveling, quiet moments, sometimes romantic sunsets, nature, rain, and just life in general. I love my beloved movements: laughing, talking, hearing, touching, always affection, physical closeness, warmth and support.well .. I am seriously looking for someone I share and spend the rest of my life but need to be friends with this start up, so we know each other better ..... Now you begin, I share very much with you, so I finish and look forward to reading from you soon ... Take Care.Vera
Hello xxx..
Good Morning And How Are You?Thank You soo Much for Your Lovely Message to me as well... By the Way I am Also Seriously Looking for a Long Term Partner that I can Share and Spend the Rest Of My Life with... By the Way I am 28 Years and SINGLE with No Kids..... But I am Seriously In Need of One...And I am a Student in the University Studying as a Nurse And i am Living Alone in a Single Rested House Ever Since My Both Parents Died And I have Twin Sisters And One Brother who is in the High School,..... By the Way I am soo Much Happy that You Have Tell me the Truth that You have contacted many Woman But You have Not met them for Real.. By the Way I am Looking forward that we can get to Know one Another Better Every day and See where It Can Lead Us... By the Way How Long Have You been Alone with No Woman and What work Do You do?And where do You Live in Germany?Well, Is Time for me to be in Town and Meet some Friends for some School Programme So I will end Here and Look forward to Read from You soon with some Pictures Of Yourself.....Take care Till I hear from You.......Vera