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How are you doing...Well,i will like to tell you a little about myself. My Name is Kate Carels,29yrs old, never married,still single and no kids yet. I am 5ft 6Inches tall,i have brown eyes,and i am straight with brown hair....I lived in Texas Dallas USA before.But am presently in United Kingdom due to some reasons,I came over here with my father on a contract basis with a construction company six months back.But to my great loss,i lost my father in a terrible auto crash.This makes the life more bitter and sad for me....Because am the only child of my parents,i lost my mother when i was 5 years old,back in USA,And my Father relatives don t care about me,they had a scores with my father before he died,so i don t wish to go to them for any help,because they are not ready to help my situation... losing my parents was a great and total loss in my life.
But i thank God as well,as it was stated that in everything,we must give thanks.So i know everything is well known to God.A nice African woman helped me out after the great demise,I met her at the hospital,she is a Nurse,her name is Mrs. Maria James,she talked to me and shared me of her past experience in life, life is what happened to us while busy planning other things I counted life as what is bound to happen,I have been living with Mrs. Maria James since then.
I have always being careful not to fall into a wrong side of love,because love could also stab me as a sharp arrow even more beyond the lost of my parents.So am very careful to fall in love.Am hoping someday that i shall meet the better half of myself,and the one i could share the rest of my days happily with and live together with,someone i could love and be of me
only. I will like to hear more about you,and if you don t mind,knowing more of you...maybe we could meet someday if you care and really sincere about serious relationship I need a faithful companion.... Hoping to hearing from you soon..i have attached my picture for you. Looking forward to read from
Hello xxx
how are you doing?hope you having nice weekend over there...Have been looking forward to read from you.