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Hello dear Peter, this is Augustina, the girl you know from the AFF website with username: DOLPH_PRETTI..
I am really glad that we can get in touch this way and get to know each other even better. I am waiting to hear from you again, so that we can take it from there...
Warm regards,
Dear Peter,
I am very glad to have received your email with so much detail and the lovely pictures mmhhh.. i loved that. i like everything i read about you and i want to go ahead and know you better, so that we could take a step further to be together. i am happy that we seem to want the same thing out of life.
with your English, i think i understand you well so you don t have to worry.

some introduction about me too;
my name is Augustina Ama Dolphyne. i am of mixed race as my mother is African from Ghana and my father is OZ from Brisbane - Australia. i was born in Australia and i lived there for all my life. my parents got separated and my mother moved back to Ghana. i lived with my father alone until he passed away in 2007. i then moved to Ghana in 2009 to be with my mother. she is 59 now. i was trained as a nurse and in this new land i have to be oriented before i can practice nursing here due to different standards. i live in a town called Takoradi which just got a discovery of crude oil deposit, so it s a busy town right now with lots of foreigners coming in each day. i live about 5 minutes walk from the ocean - Gulf of Guine

i have never married. i was in a long term relationship however. and it ended up not realizing into our dream because the guy started seeing another girl from america..

i am a very romantic person and i love to have sex and be more naughty. i want someone who is compatible with me and will make my days happy one. i would like to start a fam if you like that. i will not hesitate to travel to Germany or permanently come to live there with you. maybe i d have to come over for a short time and experience you. if we are ok with each other then i could finally move in there.. i hold Aussie passport, and i m thinking that i might not need a visa to travel to Germany.. i m not very sure about that though.
Take care. Write to me when you have some time.. Hope to see you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Hello Dear Peter, sorry for my lateness in responding to your mail. I have read it again and again, and i am very glad about your openness. it means that we know what we are about and we are honest to each other.
I know that i am going to travel to Germany where there is little English speaking, and if i like you and like to stay there, i must learn the language first before i would even have a job to do. i know that i do not have any family there, and i would face only you although i don t know you long before. But i think that because my heart is opened to meet my future husband from any part of the world and me also finding out that you have the same intentions, makes me feel like there is no problem at all. I rather feel like i have an adventurous life to live, and that is what i am about. All that i pray for is that there should be any violence, and i hope there wouldn t.
i have considered everything and i am okay with myself, i think i know what i want so i don t idle about when i see that. i have no problem with living in Germany, i rather feel excited, although i try so hard not to be too excited. i have lived all my life in Australia and New Zealand so i do not have a typical African lifestyle.
I am also happy that i do not need a visa to travel. So now all we need to do is to fix a date for me to travel. What dates do you have in mind. Just so that you could have time off work to be with me. so tell me something. Relax and think carefully about the good dates for you because i have not started work now, so i am free to travel at anytime, and you re the one to fix a convenient date for yourself.
I want to meet you so much in person, because that is only when we can be able to make this big lifetime decision, the best way. we would be able to decide IF to get married and when and how many kids to have. we would be able to plan a lot together for our lives.
Take care my dear, and talk to me soon. lots of warm hugs and kisses from your augustina.