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Is me Eunice as sweetswe833 from AFF,i would like to get to know you much better and what do you think about that?
I am glad to be reading such a wonderful email from you,am seeking only one honest man for serious relationship,that can lead us to marriage as you said,i have been searching and searching but it seems it is so hard to find but the impression i have
now is you as my final searching,Let me tell you something about me
I am Eunice Sexton,born to a family of late Mr and Mrs Sexton,we are three in the family and i am the last born,i have a brother and a sister who are all grown up and
settled down in life with their partners and both are blessed with i can say that
they have seen the other side of real life...which i will also face some days in my life.I come from United State of America,i was born at California,a place called Avalon on Catalina Island but i grew up in Calimesa also in California,before i graduated from Savanna College of Art,i had my voluntary service in Kaiser xxxrich Gymnasium in
Bamberg,it is a town in Bavaria,in Germany,i hope you know there.i had the service for
three months before seeking a permanent teaching job in Ghana here as i was a volunteer here as well and i liked it there in Germany so it means that my coming to Germany to see you won t be a problem at all,to my interest,i like walking,reading,watching movies like adventurous ones,listening to music,swimming,playing pool and watching all kinds of sports,for a relationship relating to sex,i think is normal in a relationship and i do like sex a lot so i won t hesitate for asking you for sex when ever i feel to share love with you,if only we are compatible,yes you are right we need to get to know each other well and better and plan for our future life,these are some pics i made for you...again hoping to be reading from you soon