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Good morning to you Peter,

I am glad to send you this message this morning. My name is Eugenia, single living in Ghana. I am 30 years of age and of no child. I am On the AFF site looking for a relationship. I visited your profile because i wanted to know if you are there looking for a relationship as well. The Most grateful thing was when you sent me a message with your email address for me to contact you if i want to know more of you.

I want to know more of you ofcourse but then i would like to know one thing first of all. That is, are you looking for a relationship or just play around as others are doing? I hope i m not being rude to ask you this kind of question. I hope to hear from you very soon. Have a great day and enjoy your self.

Bye Peter
Hello Peter,

i am glad to write to you this afternoon. I think i m late to respond to your message, but all the same i am glad about that. What do you like to do during the weekend? do you work in your garden? or go out for a swim? welll i need you to tell me more about th activities you under go during the weekend. I will be so glad to know all of them to compare to mine, I will tell you about mine in my next message to you.

Thank you very much for the nice compliments, i also would like to get to know you better, life with a good partner is worth. You have a nice personality and that makes me like you just at the moment, i dont dislike men who drink nor smoke but i don like them close to me because they are not healthy.Due to your personlity, i can see you as an healthy man and that seems very important to me if i should have you as my life s partner.

I understand why there are so many men and women on the datingsite seeking for their soulmates. Just like me, i have a reason to show up on the datingsite, i have been in the hands of various kinds of men but then the character of these men were the same so seems i jump from one trouble to the other. What i mean is, all the men i had in my life were bad and ignorance, because i did everything for them to be happy but they never see, but rather, they cheated on me, i hate men who cheat, i am one man s woman so i think i deserve one woman s man in my life.

I want a stable man whom is ready to have me as his and bare children with if given, Peter, yes i would like us to continue this friendship and see where itt would lead us, but with trust, i believe it will last forever and ever, because trust and loyalty is the main fundation of a good relationship. I know there are so many married couples who lack trust and loyalty, and i believe without trust and loyalty they will find it hard to make the relationship grow better for them to their liken.

Peter, my father was on Germany and France before and these are the countries i would love to stay in the future, so i find myself tobe a lucky woman to meet you here and then to meet you In Germany. Life is short but have more to do within. I dont know when to visit but you are the one i will visit when i come to Germany because i dont know anyone over there apart from you Peter. Before i forget this, You are handsome and i like you despit the first picture of yours. I still want to know more about you.

I am the only Daughter of my parents, i only have a mom at the moment and we stay together. I believe she would be grateful to hear the good news from me, about us but i want us to get to know each other better, i hope you are ok with that. Anyway, how many siblings do you have? Are you the only male or have other brothers? I hope to hear from you soon my dear, have a good day and spend the rest of your day peacefully. I want us to have some time on the yahoo messenger to chat, do you have any idea about it? Well tell me more about yourself in the next letter. kisses and hugs

Yours sincere
Dear Peter,

I am sorry for my late responds, i have been busy and away from my pc for some few days. But I am back to it now and have your message waiting for me. That is so nice from you. I really also like reading from you, you make me feel and think deep when reading from you Peter.

You don t have to be scared of water my dear, it sound funny to be when i read you saying that you are scared of water, You are grown now so i hope you dont have the fear in you. Since you go out for fishing and other stuffs like that, you still have the interest in water, but would you feel ok to go to the pool sight with me? I hope you can because it will be fun over there, though i dont know how the pool sight over there in Germany looks like.

Life is how you make it, some people are gays, they only want their fellow men to sleep with which is not very good. As a man who need a woman and a woman needs the man to make the relationship respectful and balanced.

I think its too late for me to take some pictures now, I will take some more tomorrow, during the day and then send them to you. Thank You for yours, Pleased to see them.

I will like us to continue this and see where the fire will start from. I am glad we are getting to know each other little by little. I hope you are glad about that as well... You are a nice man and i am glad to see your pose, well this is getting me interested in you because you are not shy, I like men who are not shy because u am not a shy person.

I will end here now, i am looking forward to hear from you soon. Have a great night.


Hello Peter,
Thank you for the message and glad hearing from you always, i only reply late at times i hope i m forgiven with my late responds, or would i be spanked next time?

Well if you won t have any problem going out with me when i want to have a pool swim, i think you would be happy and glad to see me swimming like a fish in the water, besides you can try some times, there are shallow pools which kids are adviceable to swim not the deep water pools.

Well dear Peter, i would love to come to you first to meet you for real, You are working now but over here i am just doing a voluntry work which gives me the quarantee to travel anytime i want, so my dear i will be so glad if you agree with me. But then i don t have a visa to Germany, Hope i can ask my Travel Agent to work on that for me which won t take any longer for me to get it from the Embassy through the help of my Travel Agent.

Ha, Your boss can stop you from Holidays only, but not when i am coming to you, i believe he will be glad to see me as your woman, hmm I hope he won t be jealous to see you with such a cute lady like me around. Not your Boss alone but your friends and families. My family and friends would be glad to see you some day when we both come to Ghana and visit.

With Love there is no distance, Peter i really want to come to Germany to meet you because Germany have been my dream land to be in the future, i am so lucky to meet you while you living in Germany, can i say this is a miracle or it just happened? I feel corious about the pictures you have been sending, do you send them to other ladies that contacts you? Why did you choose to send it to me, because i never sent you any picture like this. I can do that but my dear, i want to know why you chose to send such nude pictures to me. I am surpirsed you are not shy, hahah, i am shy but not when with a partner.

I can see yours in the photos but you will see mine real and touch it, wow, hey are you ready for that or guessing if you can or not? i will not scare you or hurt you even stop you when you want to touch it, both of us have feelings for each other, so when you need sex or romance, just look into my eyes and you shall see the reponds from my eyes. Ha ha seems i am being rude huh!.

Peter, i am getting ready to cook dinner, enjoy the rest of the night, I will be on soon to check my mail again. Well here are some few pictures of me. I hope to read again from you with some more pictures of you. Take care and always be good.. kisses
Your Dearest
Here are my pictures for you