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Hi there

How are you ? its been a while since our talktime on the singlesite adultfriend finder . After reading your profile I doubtlessly felt you are a real calm person and must be a compassionate person.. I was little busy with my school thing and in spite of having your contact info I couldnt get the chance to write to you.. as I was head ups with my Exams thing. I am done with School now and managing with my junior sis our beauty store. Honestly i am seeking a soul mate someone whom I can builld my life with. As I dont want to get into this Romance swing.. Taking a Boyfriend and playing around with no hope.. I am real emotional person and I want a simple one woman man for a relationship.. having a good romance with a special someone who cares and will love me for life...

My little chat with you.. was really an inspiring one, though I had your email to write I never did, and I just didnt want to try while I wasnt ready for this.. However, I know someday I will start building my life with that special someone who will love me. and Also taking in a more responsible task as helping you through your daily life activities and sharing precious times with you.. And I have taken my time.. Not to make any mistake in life, knowing I have a great life ahead of me... the internet has never been a safe place for dating. especially in Ghana. and I am so much afraid to let my details go just like that as I dont know whom I might be talking to, I had preffer more traditional one to this.. there are too many weirdoers on the site and they simply get you into so many troubles.. its really insecured as you will never know the person you talking to and worst of all wouldnt know his or her clear intention But I hope and know you wont do this if you really seek a soul mate... Despite the attempts of the Government combating this fraud thing there are more people perpetuating their wicked deals everyday and I am scared...

My school life has been a precious one for me. I am honored with much knowledge to mold my life,, and help me be the woman of my dream.. Knowing someday I will be a carrer woman and also build a beautiful life with someone who will share life with me... I count myself happy and lucky one as I keep going with life.. been around the world... taken chances to discover the real meaning of life .. and I have always dreamed a life with someone who will manage my emotional life.. and should this work out with me and you. I know we will be happy with you...

about my private Life......... I have dated 2 times, it has never been successful.. always living me hurt, I was feeling insecure with my first Boyfriend. as he does more dangerous thing that could waste his life.. he was addicted to Narcotics and after finding out he cant give up after several attempts of Rehabs... I had to run..
Also dated someone who chose to marry a muslim because I cant be a muslim,, and this got me severely broken down emotionally...

I joined the single site because of its Quick delivery, registering on Mate1 and the Adultfriendfinder site but I learnt more are the people who use all dubious means to get what they want than building up a true relationship.. I was careful and I was mean to anyone who contacts but I found you to be different and this makes you outstanding.. and plus I like your career and success too having you as mate will become one of my dreams come true... I am writing you this time again. and if you have your attention on me.. I will do all it requires to meeting you..

I have travelled one occassion to Canada. for my Aunties wedding in Toronto, (mississauga) ON. and also London ON.. Spent some time in St Catherines and the Niagara plains.. and also Detroit, Grand Rapids in the States.... I have my Passport and I can renew my Visa for more years if you can invite me this summer or autumn before winter as I cant bear too much cold in there.. Please write back I am home now and I be getting a good touch with you. thanks
all the best..

Julia Williams