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Hi xxx,
Thanks a lot for your email, you really look very gentle with a lovely profile, i will be nice to know much more about you and what you are interest on AFF, I will be waiting for your eamil with much more of you lovely profile
Hi xxx
It was nice reading your sweet mail, you really look very gentle in your photos with a lovely profile, i believe you had a good time the whole of today with your family and friends, well I am very faithful and honest and under no circumstance ,I am well brought up and I know what I am required as a woman ,I m caring and sensitive with an analytical side to me. Very open minded and tend to look beyond the horizon. Not afraid to open up and express my feelings with the right person, about age i believe it just a number when it comes to love, I am an intelligent, professional woman, am positive, warm heated, fun with a sense of humor, open minded, down to earth, and career oriented. I am very passionate, romantic, affectionate and giving ,i have been Seeking for a mature responsible man, who is honest, kind, considerate, compassionate, has a sense of humor, and a good work ethic. His desires a best friend, partner, a monogamous relationship, and enjoys sharing much interests. I believe that communication, shared values, respect, and trust are the most important factors for a solid foundation in a relationship. when I am not working, I like to spend time at home, being together relaxing, cuddling, cooking together, or ordering take out and watching a movie. Some of my interests are listening to music, concerts, art, learning about different cultures, trying new restaurants, and BBQ. I like reading, staying current with the news, working on home projects, spectator sports walking, the outdoors, mountains, and going to the beach. I especially enjoy traveling, weekend trips, going to the coast, exploring coastal shops and galleries, etc very romantic. I am new here and dating but most men get up set anytime i tell them where am living now due to my work, , i work as a sales secretary with the Tourist Attraction in Accra, which is the capital city of Ghana, i have been there for some months now, and am down to the earth looking for the love of my life to spend good time with, i am so excited to read your mail, i will wait for your respond,
Hi xxx ,
Thanks a lot for your lovely photos, i hope you had a lovely time the whole of this weekend with your family and friends, well am origin from Vestfold a city in Norway i have live there all my life, well i believe Nothing’s perfect than Meeting the ideal man would be the ultimate date. I Feels like we’ve known each other forever, it quiet enough to write each other. but i believe is the right way to get to know each other and build a serious foundation My date is comfortable enough with herself to be open with feelings & experiences, i believe true intimacy, friendship, trust, support, and love and respect for one another. I want to be able to communicate with you on a level that is-much deeper than anyone could imagine. True intimacy, not just physical, but emotional is what my perception of an ideal relationship should be. Having Great Communication Being loved and loving someone is the greatest gifts on this earth, you sound very gentle and i would like to meet you and spend good time with you for the rest of my life, i will be waiting for your mail
yours juliet
Hi xxx,
It was nice reading from you, and thanks for the lovely pic s its lunch time and i have decided to share that with you, well i had a lovely weekends cleaning going to laundry, shopping to get some food stuff for week, i love shopping very much because its almost 15minutes walk from my house, i like to walk when ever am less busy, go to the gym, because its keep me very active with a good balance, i love to listening to music, concerts, art, learning about different cultures, trying new restaurants, and BBQ etc , well i came to Ghana because i was blackmail after i got divorce with my ex, i met a decent man from state Illinois who lived in OSLO Norway for some years, i never new on till he was arrested here in Ghana when we both came for tourism, he was a big time drug dealer and he put me into so many charges, this was how i end up here in Ghana , i always thanks the almighty God for talking me out of this vengeance, i feel very ashamed to go back to Norway because am single and i can t stand the sort of disgrace am going to face, so i decide to join dating to see how its goes, Perhaps i think am OK with your opinion,its my pleasure meeting you in person, I want to succeed and I want all my dreams and fantasies come true. I know that in you i see a young man full of kindness, understanding, and compassion. A man with an open-heart. A man who will puts a smile on my face everyday. I will be that woman who’s there for you just as you’re there for me, the one who encourages you through life’s ups and downs. when do you want me to meet you in Germany?and whats the name of your nearest airport, i will be wait for your respond, kisses

Hi xxx,
It was nice reading your lovely email and thanks for the lovely pics, i hope you are doing good today, well its 1pm here lunch time and i decided to share that with you because, I thank the Almighty God since I found you. You came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way. I ve never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us i wish we could have know each other for a long time. You have totally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. guess what! am much concern about are meeting together and i wish that s going to be soon, I never thought that someone could care like you do. I feel as if I m walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete and i believe i can be teaching your the Norwegian language when we are together,
Am very active and easy going, very generous and independent, i know as a woman i must make sure I do everything possible to make my man happy as well as to please him accordingly.I will cook and do all house work as a wife because you are my companion through the smooth and rough times, but i always don t want to be left alone at home, i always want to work to help and support the family as well, and i guess thats what you mean, i believe we have much in common and i will be proud to meet you in person to share all this interest with you, take good care of your self, kisses
yours Juliet
Hi xxx, i haven t heard from you the whole of yesterday and today, i hope you are doing good, because am just wondering maybe you are up set with me