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How are you believe you are in good shape.How is Rees, Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany today.thank you for your giving me your private email address.wish we are near each other now we will try a lot of things you had a nice weekend.l look forward getting to know more about you.tell me what are you looking for for me am searching for someone whom l will share the rest of my life with,am single never married nor do l have kids.Tell me more about you.lets get to know each other and see how things go in the future,Age nor distance cant be a barrier if l found the real man towards my dream.Keep in touch.Bye for now and do have a good day.

P.S l attach my pictures here believe you are going to like them..

Yours Chizzy
Hello xxx thank you so much for getting back to me here, wish you are home so we will exchange more emails and get to know more about us..l will be looking forward hearing from you when you are back home from work.Take very good care of yourself and stay safe.

Hello again xxx how are you doing today bet you are alright.thank you very much for telling more about you here and what you want, l appreciate.also thank you for the compliments here.

l understand you seek a long term relationship, a wife to be well l seek the same thing here.its ok you having in contact with different women l like people being open, honest and upfront with me.l have no problem in that l mean you will have to try a lot before you will see or meet whom you are compactible with, to live with for the rest of your lifes and be happy together..

Wow l like the idea that you dont smoke,drink nor do drugs l love that l dont smoke drink nor do drugs.
am single and never married nor do l have honest,humble and down to earth..wish we are near so we wil get to know more about each other and see what happens in future well lets go on here and see what happens will love to meet with you in the near future..

Bye for now and Keep in touch
Yours Chizzy (Ibeh)
How are you, how was your weekend believe it was well spent.l have been looking forward hearing from you here,but l did not so l was wondering if everything its ok with you .wish we are near with each other right now we will try a lot together with each other..

Tell me do you live alone,do you have kids if you do how many kids do you have..

What do you do for work. what time do you work and gets off from work..

whats the name of the city you live in Switzerland,tell me little or more about your country and the city..
That will be all for now as l will look forward hearing from you sometime soon...

Yours Ibeh
26th, Sept, 2010
Hello xxx how are you doing bet you are in good shape,l miss you wish we are near each other,l just write you here to say Hello and know how you are faring.Do have a nice weekend,and remember to take very good care of yourself.l will be looking forward hearing from you sometime soon..

Yours Ibeh (Uzy)