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Hello xxx I just receive your message from A F F and with your email address and I decided to send you my pictures and a bit email about me OK my name is Ellen Owusu Ansah and am Originated from Hamilton Bermuda Carribean am new to this site to be HONEST with you among all the men I saw there it was you that held my heart I never felt for any white man before even dough I got proposal from them everytime DUE To my work I came to Sweden I live in Gothenburg in town called Munkedal and the truthful is that i don;t yet have stay Permit yet I work Inside a Yatch Ship as an Assitance and we work on sea of various continent Shores I have just came on net to find true Man a man whom I can trust loved and be with until end of time a man who knows how to care about a woman be kind to her and make her HAPPY have u married before do you have kids and have you chat with any woman who is black before get back to me now Kiss Ellen

DOn;t you have messenger on your PC so we chat one and one?
Hello Dear am Happy you get my email well to be Honest with you among all the men over there it was you that held my heart and i felt like i know you for over years now to be honest with you I tell you this I have lost feelings for white people due to what i went threw at the hands of one man who was the first man in my life and who broke my virginity you are the second man in my life and I wants to give you a try even dough much men has propose to me on that site but I follow my heart desire some wants me for sex night stand but that is not why am there i could see that site is sex manic site but since am new to this i thought i should try

I hope you are different man tell me all about you without lies open up to me and u would see you have gotten a real good hear ted woman i love to cook, listen to music i love sex and kisses but with one man

Do you have messenger like yahoo or hot mail messenger at Home I want us to chat if Not Install one

Also what work do you do and have u chat or date black Caribbean before or Africa before?

Get back to me Kiss Ellen
I sent you this pictures and print it and past it in your Bedroom and kiss me every mint and hour of the nite OK reply my email I sent you before back
Good morning xxx how are you ding am fine i sent you email and some pictures to your reply did you get it if Yes get back to me OK kiss Ellen
am happy to read from you xxx i want to tell you some secrets because I feels I should be sincere to you at least for you to know you are dealing with the right person you see I have been dump before on this same love affair I was confused by one man whom we talk and we both feels for each other and i fly to states he was white man as you and he made me lost all i inherit from my parents I be came bankrupt and since then i have never felt for love for any man again you are my second white man and i met on internet whom am have some feeling for now

the Gospel truthful is that I came into Sweden as Migrant and I enter that country as to Study but later I arrive there was no money for me to pay for my school fees and enroll so I Choose to rent apartment and leave there and find a work then i did came across this work and even i got it from Denmark Kastrup

so You can see I have leave in that country illegally and you know that is unlawful I don;t like this work be cos am always been harassed by my captain and i decided to quit from any point of destination the ship lands and I get back to Sweden so as I speak with you now we landed in west coast of Africa called Accra I have never been here before town with much rebels and fears So I ask for my insurance and salary be cos I have made my intention clear am stopping the work so i was serve a letter yesterday plus renew my 3months schengen visa and ticket to Kastrup were I can be paid my salary and insurance be cos I did hurt my self so they need to compensate me

So u see the reason why am here in Accra am not a scam trust me but destiny has brought me to that far and i believe in trust and understanding between me and my man i have soo much to give to this man whom would Understands me love me care about me I would also never let him down people thinks true love does not exist on internet be cos of bad people deeds but if you would understand me and treat me with love,respect and trust I can promise you xxx I won;t let you down and also stand firm for you rain or shine troubles and in sickness or happiness i also need to have child whom I can call my own am telling you all this truthful be cos i feels I should Open up to you am Genuien woman and even dough am not closer to you but you can still relay on me

Yes I really wants us to shear our lives together I have no secrets apart from what i have just told you now xxx so you also open up to me tell me everything about you

what work do you do? and were exactly you live in Germany is it town or city

and what time do you go to work and closes be cos if you ask me am lonely here and i need your fast words to keep me to warm my self give me Hope show me love and care

Let me know u are there for me we are both into this so let;s do things together are you christian reply me back Now and Can you Call me On Phone or can your Phone receive sms text and reply calling from here is expensive but I have phone and pager i use for sms text also which one is good for you reply me now OK love