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Hi Dear,

Thanks so much for your mail address and i will be much great if we can get know much better of each other here.
My name is Kate.I am from Singapore but currently living in Ghana now..I just finish schooling from the University of Ghana.I am single and i dont have any children.I am looking for a serious relationship....I am looking for a man who is also serious and honest to share and spend all the rest of our life together..

I am a woman who is honest,sincere,understanding,easygoing with much sense of humor,passionate and lovely that i would like to meet a man who is also honest and sincere and can treat me like the Queen of his heart and i also treat Him like the King so that we will a wonderful and sweet life forever and ever..

My dear if you are really serious and understanding man i hope we can stay contact here and get to learn and know much better of us so that we finally plan and be together forever and ever and have a great and lovely family..

I will be much interested if you do have msn or yahoo messenger so that we can stay contact on that now and have nice chat and can always meet on that so do the best to get messenger soon...

These are my pictures for you and i will also be much interested if you can also send me your pictures here and also tell me more better of your self and your family and work,
Hope to hear from you soon...Take care and always welcome,

Always ever,

Hello xxx,
Thanks a lot for your long mail.i really understand and got to know everything of you now.It seems life haven t been comfortable for each other since we lost something in us,because every man and woman must get a life partner to have passionate and comfort and for a lovely and better life as well..I am also living alone.I am the only daughter to my parents,but suddenly my father is dead and my mother is also far distance from me.She is in another country in South Africa whiles i am also in Ghana now..I am a citizen of Singapore but due to my schooling and my father was also working some time ago in Ghana so i am currently living here in Ghana now...I am single and i dont have any children.
I just finish from the University of Ghana that i am now searching for a great man with the right mind to share and spend all the rest of our life together.
I want a man who can love me,care for each other and be mine in heart forever and lay a great and nice family together and can do everything together to have fun and happiness within us.I am caring,honest,passionate,affections in love.romantic,understanding,faithful and sincere.So i want my future husband to have the same qualities in our relationship so that we can have a long term and everlasting relationship so my dear if you can have all this qualities i promise we can have our dreams perfect and can plan soon to meet in person so that we do the best and share all our life together.

I will be much great here if you can always come online for me so that we can learn and get to know much better of us here so that everything can be real for us because i will be happy if we can trust well and have faith and believe to each other first.because every relationship things about trust and understanding.
So my dear i will be interested if you can download msn or yahoo messenger now so that we can stay contact on that to have nice chat and can also meet on that for chat.Do all the best to get the messenger fast if you don t mind ok.
My hobbies are cooking,swimming playing with my computer,reading,listing to Music and other stuffs and also i can eat any food like sea food,Mexican food,vegetables and i can even say to ever diet.
I am so easygoing woman and i love to travel wide and share a great happiest to my future husband and treat him like the King of my heart and he also treat me like the Queen.

Hope we will have all the best and have our dreams come true soon if only you are so serious and really mean your words with me here because i am so much serious and honest with you here..
Thanks also for your lovely and nice pictures..
Also i don t think the distance and the age is a problem for me when we think of serious and real relationship so i hope everything is going to be possible and soon we plan to meet in person in Germany..
Take care and have a wonderful day and i am still waiting and will be interested if you do the best to download the messenger soon..
Always welcome,